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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Sarpa Yoga: Effects, Myths and Facts : A dissection


Sorry again for being dormant for such a long time and thanks for the support you showed me via email.

Since last many days I was searching for something to write. I wasn't able to find anything to write. Whatever I chose it is already on internet. I found that there is no point in crowding the net with similar and repetitive information. I thought it is better to be quiet than echoing.

Today, suddenly I am inspired to write about Sarpa Yoga. There is lot of fuss about Sarpa Yoga. it is usually projected as Dead end! And some times as a curse which will take your life to whirlpool. And everything from infertility to failure in exams to laying off to diseases and every other thing is blamed on Sarpa Yoga. I do not want to discuss why it is done or what is right or wrong. I simply want to put some facts about Sarpa yoga. Rest I leave on reader on how to interpret the 'Sarpa Yoga' in future.

Further, there are lot of versions of sarpa dosha famous on internet. I am sticking to one described by Sage Parashara in his chapter 35 about Nabhas Yogas Verse 8. And DO NOT confuse sarpa yoga with Kaal Sarpa dosha. Both are totally different things. Bhujang Yoga is same as Sarpa Yoga.

Definition of Sarpa Yoga:

"When three kendras (quadrants) are occupied by malefics then it is called Sarpa Yoga"

Myth: Some people translate it as "if three malefics are in kendra". But it is not true, as long as we stick to Sage Parashara the first definition is correct.

In this definition, it is important to identify 'Malefics' or 'paap graha'. In this yoga Malefics are referred as Natural Malefics. Moon (even if in Krishna Paksha) is not included. Mercury is considered benefic in Dala yoga (Sarpa yoga is one type of Dala Yoga)

As a default, Rahu and Ketu are excluded in all Nabhas yogas and also in Sarpa Yoga. Some astrologers include Rahu and Ketu also in Sarpa Yoga. This is a very controversial point.

But Personally, I find that If Rahu and Ketu are counted in Yoga, results of Sarpa Yoga are not experienced. I myself have Rahu, Ketu and Sun in three different quadrants. And I have no such experience till now. Even if I experience any such incident in future then also it should not be blamed to Sarpa Yoga. Because Sarpa yoga is Nabhas Yoga and if applicable it's effects must be experienced through out the life.

So I prefer to count only three planets as Malefics in this Yoga.

Hence, Malefics mentioned in this yoga means Saturn, Mars and Sun.

So Definition of Sarpa Yoga, in simplest language, comes out to be

"If Sun, Mars and Saturn occupies three different kendras (Quadrants) then Sarpa yoga is formed. They should be in three different houses and not in conjunctions"

Any yoga not complying to above definition is not a Sarpa Yoga. At least as per Sage Parashara.

Effects of Sarpa Yoga:

Sage Parashara Says

"One born in Sarpa Yoga will be crooked, cruel, poor, miserable and will depend on others for food and drinks."

Myth: There are lot of myths but I did not find any basis for them in Parashara Samhita or any other ancient text. Mentioning all of them will fill whole page. So let us concentrate what is fact.

Fact: Well this is fact that this is a bad yoga. And all the effects are usually felt as it is described by Sage Parashara in above definition. Since it is a Nabhas yoga, it's effects are felt through out the life irrespective to the Dashas. Person is poor and dependent on others.

But this yoga is not manifested in all charts equally. If there is a strong benefic in Kendra then effects of sarpa Yoga is reduced to much extent. Also if These malefics are in Friendly houses then also it's effects are reduced to much extent.

Bottom line is that if we stick to this definition of Sarpa Yoga. Most of the people who are scared of possible sarpa yoga in their chart do not have Sarpa yoga. This combination of planet is very rare and one astrologer sees only few charts in his whole life time.

So, if you do not have above combination in your chart. Better is to find any other reason for your problems rather than blaming 'poor sarpa yoga' for all the problems :)

Reason Behind Sarpa Yoga Effects

Since I have some psychological problem so I always try to find the reasons for 'why'. In the same quest I tried to figure out the reason behind the effects produced by Sarpa Yoga. I had saw only one chart of typical sarpa yoga till now and that too was through a reference. I didnt met the person individually. So honestly, I do not have much experience about this Sarpa yoga findings. But I came up with a possible reason which I have written below.

Since this is my own hypothesis and not a confirmed finding. People who disagree with this can simply choose to ignore. Who agree, they can try to find some charts of 'Actual Sarpa yoga' and share with us so that we can try to find an answer to our 'why'.

Quadrants are our efforts. Malefics usually destroy the houses. So due to this placement our efforts are affected. In absense of our concrete efforts, our results will be subdued.

Lagna shows our personality and our existence. A malefic in Lagna will make a person cruel, short tempered and fickle minded

Fourth house shows our comforts, mother, nourishment. Malefic in 4th house will destroy the comforts, nourishment.

Seventh house shows our desires, relationships. Malefic in seventh house will destroy our relationships and desire to work.

Tenth house show our Karma our work in society. If there is malefic in 1oth house then Person's Karma will be affected.

These four quadrants are four pillars of our material existence and enjoyment or we can say 'Quality of Life'. If one pillar is destroyed then a building can survive. but if three out of four pillars are destroyed a building will collapse. Again, here by building I mean the 'Quality of Life'.

My aim behind writing this post is to give a message to all the astrologers and seekers. I hope I was successful in delivering this message of mine.

Any criticism, feedback and suggestion is welcome. Any example chart of Actual 'Sarpa Dosha' will be appreciated.


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