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Saturday, July 17, 2010

Astrology: Knowledge and Intuition - Which is more important!

In Astrology, Two resources are needed for a fairly accurate predictions. One is exact and thorough knowledge of astrology principles and other is a strong intuition. Some Astrologers rely on first and some on second. There is quite a difference between two. And obviously, both have their merits and demerits.

Using the first resource terms Astrology as science. There are set of rules and principles explained in various texts which are used to read, interpret, analyse and predict a chart. Some of these principles are quite accurate in 99% cases and some principles are approximate which work in more than 50% of cases. I stick to this resource for my prediction. These principles are explained in various ancient Astrology text books like Brihat Prashar Hora Samhita, Saravali, Hora Shastra, Laghu Jatakam to name a few. Problem with this resource is that there is lot of corruption, half-explanations and hidden knowledge in the written knowledge of Vedic astrology. Over thousands of years many things in Texts have been corrupted, some have been lost, some have been misinterpreted and some are hidden. But still there is enough knowledge to make successful predictions based on this resource alone. Astrologers who use this resource need accurate time, use shodashvarga technique and conditional dasha and also use various technique like annual charts, rashi dasha etc to filter the noise from the predictions and to achieve 80% accuracy.

Second resource is intuition (as termed in English). Now a days most of the astrologers rely on this. As one purifies his mind and garner significant spiritual energy or inherit it from his guru gains strength in his predictions. There are many astrologers who use this to make fairly accurate predictions. Astrologers who use intuition as a resource don't rely much on charts and mostly they use Rashi-navamsha-vimshottari technique to get some idea and rest is outcome of their intuition. Problem with this technique is that this takes astrology away from 'science' criteria another thing is that it takes time, devotion and sadhna to achieve such a state. Since such astrologers do not use any specific set of principles, they interpret same combinations in different charts in to different meanings with about 80% accuracy.

Since both resources have their merits and demerits I agree that both are equally important. If we want to give Astrology a status of science we should stick to first resource and use second resource to remove the corruption from the first resource and to reveal hidden and lost part of the first resource.

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