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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Example Chart: Profession: Dentist

Hello friends,

Sorry for being away for such a long time. I will try to be regular from now on. Thanks for your support so far.

Below is presented an example chart of a dentist. For privacy reasons birth details are not written here. D1 chart and D10 chart is presented here.

D10 chart shows our karma. Karma or work we do in our society. Our Profession is only a part of that whole karma we do in society. All the houses in D10 chart shows our karma and related aspects. As Profession is the source of livelihood and is pursued mainly for the same reason so profession is mainly indicated by Arth Trikona Houses. i.e. 2H, 6H and 10H and planets owning them and the planet affecting them. Out of these planets, the planet(s) which is stronger will control the profession mainly, or a planet which is controling the most Arth trikona houses. Lagna and trikona also plays a very important role.

2H is the seed of Arth trikona. It shows the resources. The Resources which are available for the profession. A strong 2H in D10 shows lot of resources available for profession. If 2H is strongest of all Arth trikona, a person will choose a profession depending on the resources available to him.

6H is the efforts of Arth Trikona. 6H shows troubles, enemies, obstacles. This house shows what obstacles a person have to face in profession. if 6H is strong, the obstacles faced by a person will decide the profession of a person.

10H shows the karma or end result of the Arth trikona. It shows the profession followed by a person. If this house is strong then this house will show the profession pursued by the person.

In this chart,

Moon is in 2H in D1 own house. It makes 2H very strong. It is a strong Dhan yoga. In D10 also moon is in 2H in virgo. Moon also shows nursing, medicine besides other options. It shows that the resources this person have is related to similar fields. His parents and brother are doctor. He is the third generation in a lineage of doctors.

In D10, his 6H is very strong. It have 2L And malefic lord Mercury, 7L Rahu and Exalted MArs. Three malefics in 6H shows a very aggressive and courageous person as long a profession is concerned. Also since 6H is the strongest this house mainly controls his profession. Since Mars is Exalted, it is the strongest planet affecting arth trikona. Mars Shows Engineers, surgeons, Dentists and other related professions. Rahu shows latest technology, Drugs, chemical. Mercury shows communications and diagnosis in field of medicine. Mars and Rahu are also making a close Rajyoga in 6H

He is the first dentist in three generations. No other person in his family is a dentist. It was his decision to become a dentist as he was not interested in being a physician.

He changed many jobs as dentist in last two years (Saturn-Jupiter -shodashottari dasha) . He started his own clinic few months back in Saturn-mars period and is progressing very well.

I will try to include more example charts in coming posts.

Kind Regards
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