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Monday, January 11, 2010

Yogas: Tapaswi Yoga

Tapaswi Yoga

How is Tapaswi Yoga formed?

When Ketu, Venus and Saturn are in Trines to each other then it is called Tapasvi yoga.

Sometimes, when two planets are together and third have a strong relation with them, say rashi drishti, then also tapaswi yoga can manifest.

If Atmakaraka is involved in or with Tapaswi Yoga then Tapaswi yoga is much stronger as soul is involved in the yoga and hence the yoga is more fruitful.

Why Tapaswi yoga work?

Trines are Ruled by Lakshmi and Quadrants are ruled by Vishnu. Quadrants show efforts and trines show fruits. Planets in mutual trines are conducive to each other and help each other's significations prosper.

Saturn is a planet of Hardwork and discipline. Saturn shows doing a thing again and again in routine without wanting for fruits. Saturn in this yoga gives
discipline and ability to work hard.

Ketu is a headless graha, it is above wants and selfishness. it denotes selflessness, evolution towards ananta and raise a person above the material world. It gives an urge to know the hidden truth. Ketu in this yoga gives a person selfless devotion towards an aim and a strong urge to find the truth.

Venus gives passion, involvement and enjoyment. Venus make person enjoy the discipline, hardwork and selfless devotion given by Saturn and Ketu.

Tapaswi yoga gives person a strong mind which can endure lot of sufferings.

when does Tapaswi Yoga manifest?

Tapasvi Yoga can be triggered in overlapping periods of favourable Nakshatra dashas and Rashi dashas. Although once triggered it's results can be lifelong even after that particular dasha ends.

What are the effects of Tapaswi yoga?

Tapaswi Yoga doesn't mean a Sanyasi or Sadhu always or a spiritual person. It means
a dedicated and austere pursuer of something. Tapaswi means a person who does the 'tapa'. Tapa means pursuing an aim single mindedly (Sanskrit tapah, tapas- , heat, austerity) With hardwork, discipline and without any selfishness.

As respected PVR Narasimha Rao says "Tapaswis usually dedicate themselves to research and uncover the secrets of the world. A Tapaswi can be into yoga, mantra, tantra, astrology or even physics or chemistry."

A person having Tapaswi Yoga dedicates his life to a area. Does hardwork and achieve success in that are. The dedicaiton can be towards materialistic inclinations or spiritual inclinations or profession or religion or any other area of life. For example, an
atheistic scientist who spends 16 hours a day in finding a cure for a disease can be a tapasvi. Albert Einstein had Tapaswi yoga in his chart.

In which area or life and by which method will the person becomes a yogi will be determined by in which trikona (Dharam, Arth, Kama, moksha) and in which divisional chart does the yoga is taking place.

What are the effects of tapasvi yoga in different divisional charts?

Effects of Tapaswi yoga depends on in which divisional chart it is taking place

In D24 (siddhamsha) Tapaswi Yoga give dedication towards learning
In D10 (dashamsha) Tapaswi yoga gives dedication in
In D9 (navamsha) Tapaswi yoga means dedication in Dharma (Duties)
In D20 (Vimshamsha) tapaswi Yoga means dedication in spirituality and religion

Similarly Tapaswi yoga gives different results in differnt charts.

Below is the Rashi chart of Albert Einstein which have Tapaswi Yoga. two planets are together in 9H and ketu is in lagna. He had Tapaswi yoga in D24 also.

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