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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Sarpa Yoga: Effects, Myths and Facts : A dissection


Sorry again for being dormant for such a long time and thanks for the support you showed me via email.

Since last many days I was searching for something to write. I wasn't able to find anything to write. Whatever I chose it is already on internet. I found that there is no point in crowding the net with similar and repetitive information. I thought it is better to be quiet than echoing.

Today, suddenly I am inspired to write about Sarpa Yoga. There is lot of fuss about Sarpa Yoga. it is usually projected as Dead end! And some times as a curse which will take your life to whirlpool. And everything from infertility to failure in exams to laying off to diseases and every other thing is blamed on Sarpa Yoga. I do not want to discuss why it is done or what is right or wrong. I simply want to put some facts about Sarpa yoga. Rest I leave on reader on how to interpret the 'Sarpa Yoga' in future.

Further, there are lot of versions of sarpa dosha famous on internet. I am sticking to one described by Sage Parashara in his chapter 35 about Nabhas Yogas Verse 8. And DO NOT confuse sarpa yoga with Kaal Sarpa dosha. Both are totally different things. Bhujang Yoga is same as Sarpa Yoga.

Definition of Sarpa Yoga:

"When three kendras (quadrants) are occupied by malefics then it is called Sarpa Yoga"

Myth: Some people translate it as "if three malefics are in kendra". But it is not true, as long as we stick to Sage Parashara the first definition is correct.

In this definition, it is important to identify 'Malefics' or 'paap graha'. In this yoga Malefics are referred as Natural Malefics. Moon (even if in Krishna Paksha) is not included. Mercury is considered benefic in Dala yoga (Sarpa yoga is one type of Dala Yoga)

As a default, Rahu and Ketu are excluded in all Nabhas yogas and also in Sarpa Yoga. Some astrologers include Rahu and Ketu also in Sarpa Yoga. This is a very controversial point.

But Personally, I find that If Rahu and Ketu are counted in Yoga, results of Sarpa Yoga are not experienced. I myself have Rahu, Ketu and Sun in three different quadrants. And I have no such experience till now. Even if I experience any such incident in future then also it should not be blamed to Sarpa Yoga. Because Sarpa yoga is Nabhas Yoga and if applicable it's effects must be experienced through out the life.

So I prefer to count only three planets as Malefics in this Yoga.

Hence, Malefics mentioned in this yoga means Saturn, Mars and Sun.

So Definition of Sarpa Yoga, in simplest language, comes out to be

"If Sun, Mars and Saturn occupies three different kendras (Quadrants) then Sarpa yoga is formed. They should be in three different houses and not in conjunctions"

Any yoga not complying to above definition is not a Sarpa Yoga. At least as per Sage Parashara.

Effects of Sarpa Yoga:

Sage Parashara Says

"One born in Sarpa Yoga will be crooked, cruel, poor, miserable and will depend on others for food and drinks."

Myth: There are lot of myths but I did not find any basis for them in Parashara Samhita or any other ancient text. Mentioning all of them will fill whole page. So let us concentrate what is fact.

Fact: Well this is fact that this is a bad yoga. And all the effects are usually felt as it is described by Sage Parashara in above definition. Since it is a Nabhas yoga, it's effects are felt through out the life irrespective to the Dashas. Person is poor and dependent on others.

But this yoga is not manifested in all charts equally. If there is a strong benefic in Kendra then effects of sarpa Yoga is reduced to much extent. Also if These malefics are in Friendly houses then also it's effects are reduced to much extent.

Bottom line is that if we stick to this definition of Sarpa Yoga. Most of the people who are scared of possible sarpa yoga in their chart do not have Sarpa yoga. This combination of planet is very rare and one astrologer sees only few charts in his whole life time.

So, if you do not have above combination in your chart. Better is to find any other reason for your problems rather than blaming 'poor sarpa yoga' for all the problems :)

Reason Behind Sarpa Yoga Effects

Since I have some psychological problem so I always try to find the reasons for 'why'. In the same quest I tried to figure out the reason behind the effects produced by Sarpa Yoga. I had saw only one chart of typical sarpa yoga till now and that too was through a reference. I didnt met the person individually. So honestly, I do not have much experience about this Sarpa yoga findings. But I came up with a possible reason which I have written below.

Since this is my own hypothesis and not a confirmed finding. People who disagree with this can simply choose to ignore. Who agree, they can try to find some charts of 'Actual Sarpa yoga' and share with us so that we can try to find an answer to our 'why'.

Quadrants are our efforts. Malefics usually destroy the houses. So due to this placement our efforts are affected. In absense of our concrete efforts, our results will be subdued.

Lagna shows our personality and our existence. A malefic in Lagna will make a person cruel, short tempered and fickle minded

Fourth house shows our comforts, mother, nourishment. Malefic in 4th house will destroy the comforts, nourishment.

Seventh house shows our desires, relationships. Malefic in seventh house will destroy our relationships and desire to work.

Tenth house show our Karma our work in society. If there is malefic in 1oth house then Person's Karma will be affected.

These four quadrants are four pillars of our material existence and enjoyment or we can say 'Quality of Life'. If one pillar is destroyed then a building can survive. but if three out of four pillars are destroyed a building will collapse. Again, here by building I mean the 'Quality of Life'.

My aim behind writing this post is to give a message to all the astrologers and seekers. I hope I was successful in delivering this message of mine.

Any criticism, feedback and suggestion is welcome. Any example chart of Actual 'Sarpa Dosha' will be appreciated.


Saturday, July 17, 2010

Astrology: Knowledge and Intuition - Which is more important!

In Astrology, Two resources are needed for a fairly accurate predictions. One is exact and thorough knowledge of astrology principles and other is a strong intuition. Some Astrologers rely on first and some on second. There is quite a difference between two. And obviously, both have their merits and demerits.

Using the first resource terms Astrology as science. There are set of rules and principles explained in various texts which are used to read, interpret, analyse and predict a chart. Some of these principles are quite accurate in 99% cases and some principles are approximate which work in more than 50% of cases. I stick to this resource for my prediction. These principles are explained in various ancient Astrology text books like Brihat Prashar Hora Samhita, Saravali, Hora Shastra, Laghu Jatakam to name a few. Problem with this resource is that there is lot of corruption, half-explanations and hidden knowledge in the written knowledge of Vedic astrology. Over thousands of years many things in Texts have been corrupted, some have been lost, some have been misinterpreted and some are hidden. But still there is enough knowledge to make successful predictions based on this resource alone. Astrologers who use this resource need accurate time, use shodashvarga technique and conditional dasha and also use various technique like annual charts, rashi dasha etc to filter the noise from the predictions and to achieve 80% accuracy.

Second resource is intuition (as termed in English). Now a days most of the astrologers rely on this. As one purifies his mind and garner significant spiritual energy or inherit it from his guru gains strength in his predictions. There are many astrologers who use this to make fairly accurate predictions. Astrologers who use intuition as a resource don't rely much on charts and mostly they use Rashi-navamsha-vimshottari technique to get some idea and rest is outcome of their intuition. Problem with this technique is that this takes astrology away from 'science' criteria another thing is that it takes time, devotion and sadhna to achieve such a state. Since such astrologers do not use any specific set of principles, they interpret same combinations in different charts in to different meanings with about 80% accuracy.

Since both resources have their merits and demerits I agree that both are equally important. If we want to give Astrology a status of science we should stick to first resource and use second resource to remove the corruption from the first resource and to reveal hidden and lost part of the first resource.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Astrology Tree Forum is now working

Dear Friends,

Problems encountered recently in the forum have been solved and forum is now working fine. Queries are being answered. Although the members registered after May 25th will have to register again. visit

Will keep you updated

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Astrology Tree Forum Not working

Dear Friends,

Due to a major techincal fault our Astrology Tree Forum is not working. Two days back our server crashed and we lost all the data after March 2010. But because of hard work and sheer intelligence of our technical team we were able to revive the data upto 25th of may. All the data added after this and the changes made in forum are lost. This is a very heart breaking news for all of us.

We are working very hard to restore our forum and to redo all the recent changes. We are trying our best. It can take from 2 to three daysto take our forum to working and to redo all the recent changes. Although members who registered after 25th may will have to re register themself and repost their queries.

For any help or query please contact our team at

I will keep you updated via this blog

Kind Regards

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Example Chart: Profession: Dentist

Hello friends,

Sorry for being away for such a long time. I will try to be regular from now on. Thanks for your support so far.

Below is presented an example chart of a dentist. For privacy reasons birth details are not written here. D1 chart and D10 chart is presented here.

D10 chart shows our karma. Karma or work we do in our society. Our Profession is only a part of that whole karma we do in society. All the houses in D10 chart shows our karma and related aspects. As Profession is the source of livelihood and is pursued mainly for the same reason so profession is mainly indicated by Arth Trikona Houses. i.e. 2H, 6H and 10H and planets owning them and the planet affecting them. Out of these planets, the planet(s) which is stronger will control the profession mainly, or a planet which is controling the most Arth trikona houses. Lagna and trikona also plays a very important role.

2H is the seed of Arth trikona. It shows the resources. The Resources which are available for the profession. A strong 2H in D10 shows lot of resources available for profession. If 2H is strongest of all Arth trikona, a person will choose a profession depending on the resources available to him.

6H is the efforts of Arth Trikona. 6H shows troubles, enemies, obstacles. This house shows what obstacles a person have to face in profession. if 6H is strong, the obstacles faced by a person will decide the profession of a person.

10H shows the karma or end result of the Arth trikona. It shows the profession followed by a person. If this house is strong then this house will show the profession pursued by the person.

In this chart,

Moon is in 2H in D1 own house. It makes 2H very strong. It is a strong Dhan yoga. In D10 also moon is in 2H in virgo. Moon also shows nursing, medicine besides other options. It shows that the resources this person have is related to similar fields. His parents and brother are doctor. He is the third generation in a lineage of doctors.

In D10, his 6H is very strong. It have 2L And malefic lord Mercury, 7L Rahu and Exalted MArs. Three malefics in 6H shows a very aggressive and courageous person as long a profession is concerned. Also since 6H is the strongest this house mainly controls his profession. Since Mars is Exalted, it is the strongest planet affecting arth trikona. Mars Shows Engineers, surgeons, Dentists and other related professions. Rahu shows latest technology, Drugs, chemical. Mercury shows communications and diagnosis in field of medicine. Mars and Rahu are also making a close Rajyoga in 6H

He is the first dentist in three generations. No other person in his family is a dentist. It was his decision to become a dentist as he was not interested in being a physician.

He changed many jobs as dentist in last two years (Saturn-Jupiter -shodashottari dasha) . He started his own clinic few months back in Saturn-mars period and is progressing very well.

I will try to include more example charts in coming posts.

Kind Regards

Monday, March 22, 2010

J Hora - 7.4 Released by P.V.R. Narasimha Rao

Dear Friends,

Sorry for not posting any article since last two months. I was busy due to some unavoidable tangles. Coming few weeks will follow the same track. But I will be back to you as soon as possible.
Sorry for being lazy.

News is that JHora 7.4 has been released by PVR Narasimha Rao. This is an excellent software. A must have for any serious astrologer. Above all it is free to download, distribute and for unlimited use. Thanks to hard work and sleepless nights instilled by PVR Ji. Many many thanks to him.

I didn't had much time to write the review myself so I am just copying and pasting the mail sent by PVR Ji. It also describes the updates and the new features added to the Software. Have a look below.

For any support on Jhora go to Jhora Yahoo group, or if you need any help in understanding any feature of Jhora or any doubt about the usage you can ask in Jhora yahoo group managed by PVR Narasimha Rao himself, or you can post it in our forum or you can also email me at

Have a nice day.
Kind Regards

Namaste friends,

I am pleased to release Jagannatha Hora 7.4. This release has a lot of useful new features for research and a lot of bug-fixes that address instabilities. This is the most complete and stable Jagannatha Hora ever. It is strongly recommended that everyone having JHora should update to this version.

You can download the full version or short version or just a 1.5 MB update if you have a working copy of JHora 7.3 or later on your computer. The details are mentioned on the JHora homepage:

* * *

The main features added in JHora 7.4 (compared to JHora 7.33) are listed here. There are several other bug-fixes.

(1) Bhava arudha pada calculation has a new option now (not the default) to find bhava arudha padas based on exact longitudes. This will allow you to replicate the calculations in the free article "Padamsas and Tranits: A Research Finding" at

(2) The Vimsottari dasa based progressed chart where lagna, nine planets and other Vimsottari dasa start points (including user defined special point and special lagna) are progressed based on the Vimsottari dasa progression is supported now. This will allow you to replicate the calculations in the free article "Transits and Vimsottari Dasa Progression: A Specific Correlation" at and do further researches.

(3) In addition, progressed charts based on Yogini dasa, Kalachakra dasa and Sudarsana Chakra dasa are also available, enabling further researches into fine quantitative correlations between dasa based progressed charts and transit charts.

(4) Gunanka scores based on ashtakoota (eight-factor) horoscope matching for marriage are included now. Please click "View" and "Horoscope Matching Score" or the icon in the toolbar with a man and woman. If you enter the nakshatra and pada of bride/bridegroom, gunanka score and classification will be shown.

(5) JHora's "mundane" tab now has a button to locate the stationary transits of planets. This will allow you to replicate the calculations in the free article "Stationary Planets in Transit (A Research)" at

(6) The graha drishti of various planets on various houses from lagna, various planets and other bodies and various houses from various arudha padas (if longitude-based arudha padas are used) is evaluated and displayed in an aspect view. One can mix and match different divisional charts and natal chart/transit chart. One can evaluate aspects of D-9 longitudes of transit planets on D-10 logngitudes of natal planets for example. Aspects are quantified and shown as percentages, using Parasara's formulas for evaluating longitude-based aspects.

(7) JHora was only giving Ishta phala and Kashta phala calculated based on Dr Raman's book on balas earlier. JHora now also gives Ishta Phala and Kashta Phala of Parasara, as defined in BPHS. In addition, JHora now gives Uchcha rashmi, Cheshta rashmi, Subha rashmi and Asubha rashmi of seven planets, as defined by Parasara in BPHS.

(8) Bhava/chalit chakras of divisional charts using various bodies as reference (e.g. lagna, Moon, Jupiter, GL etc) are now available based on divisional longitudes. House system chosen by user (e.g. Sripathi) is applied only to bhava chart of D-1 when lagna is used as the reference and an equal 30-deg house system is applied to bhava charts of other divisional charts such as D-9 and D-10 or when a reference other than lagna is used in D-1. However, user selection for whether the reference is the beginning or middle of a house is applied to bhava charts of all divisional charts from all references.

(9) The ability to find nakshatras and nakshatra dasas based on the sidereal zodiac even when using tropical zodiac for all other calculations was added. Check the new checkbox in ayanamsa option dialog box.

(10) Saptarshi nakshatra dasa taught by Pt Sanjay Rath in his "Brihat Nakshatra" book is added.

(11) Avayogi calculation had a bug that affected 50% charts. It is fixed now.

(12) When listing yogi, sahayogi and avayogi, now the exact longitudes of yoga and avayoga points are also mentioned. They are also available in the basic longitude window now and you can see their divisional longitudes too. Some scholars consider them important in transits (thanks to Sri Ramadas Rao for the suggestion).

(13) A toolbar has been added at the top to add/subtract time (in units of 1 sec, 15 sec, 1 min, 1 hour, 1 day, 1 month and 1 year) with the click of a button.

(14) In all nakshatra dasas (Vimsottari, Ashtottari, Yogini etc), a new option is added now and it will be remembered when you close and re-open. This option governs how antardasas are found. Suppose mahadasas are A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H and you need antardasas in mahadasa F. The following six options are supported:

F, G, H, A, B, C, D, E (start from the dasa lord and go forward)
F, E, D, C, B, A, H, G (start from the dasa lord and go backward)
G, H, A, B, C, D, E, F (start from the next dasa lord and go forward)
G, F, E, D, C, B, A, H (start from the next dasa lord sign and go backward)
E, F, G, H, A, B, C, D (start from the previous dasa lord and go forward)
E, D, C, B, A, H, G, F (start from the previous dasa lord and go backward)

The default for Shodasottari is the 6th option. The default for Ashtottari dasa and Dwadasottari dasa is the 3rd option. For others, 1st option is the default. However, you can experiment any option with any nakshatra dasa and draw your conclusions!

(15) Previously only Vimsottari dasa could be started from nakshatras occupied by references in divisional charts. Though the dasa options dialog box gave the divisional chart selection for other nakshatra dasas also, it had no effect. This has been fixed. All nakshatra dasas can now be computed based on the nakshatra occupied by references in divisional charts.

(16) Sahamas found in JHora were sometimes using day time formula instead of night time formula or vice versa, when calculated for the first time with a birthdata. On a data update, they would be fixed. This is corrected now.

(17) Daylight savings time changes made in Canada in 2006 are now implemented in JHora. Changes in US have already been implemented, but changes in Canada were missed.

(18) "Uniform Krishna Mishra navamsa" based on my independent interpretation of Krishna Mishra's verses on navamsa is added. This version results in a chart that represents all signs uniformly, whereas the version of Krishna Mishra navamsa shared by Shanmukha earlier, which is also supported in JHora, is biased towards some signs, i.e. some signs occur 12 times, some signs occur 9 times and some signs occur only 6 times. In uniform variation, all signs occur 9 times.

(19) The defaults in JHora are historically set to various values and I tend to not change defaults as that seems to create confusion. However, my own recommendations have evolved over the time. I added a menu item to set preferences to my liking ("Preferences" >> "Related to calculations" >> "Set Calculation Options as recommended by author"). If you click it, all preferences (ayanamsa, sunrise, chara karaka definition etc) will be set based on what *I* recommend.

(20) Import/export feature of preferences is added. If you select "File", "Export preferences (.ini file)", it will save the preferences to a .ini file with the location and file name selected by user through a file save dialog box. If you select "File", "Import preferences (.ini file)", it will load the preferences from a .ini file with location and name selected by user through a file open dialog box. This enables you to back up your settings and try the settings sent by other people.

(21) Links to a few important websites are added to the main menu. One can visit jhora yahoogroup by clicking a menu, for example.

A few other bugs and instabilities were addressed.

* * *

I hope Jagannatha Hora users will take advantage of new calculations and features made available in this version. If you are offering JHora on your website for a download, please update to JHora 7.4.

Best regards,


Saturday, January 16, 2010

Birth Time: Factors causing error

Dear Friends,

As an astrologer, our accuracy of prediction higly depends on the accuracy of calculations and birth data. we usually come across statements like "my birth data is absolutely correct" or "I am sure of my birth time".

But the fact is that about 90% of charts need some rectification. It may be some seconds, but some times even some seconds can make big differences. Astrologers using Divisional charts are most sensitive to the error in birth times.

Since last few weeks I was listing some important and some unseen (or we should say ignored) causes which cause error in charts due to birth time differences.

I had tried to list some important and common causes, Some may be left. I hope you will add those missing here

1) Definition of birth time
2) Coordinates
3) Ayanamasya
4) Time zone and distance from time zone line
5) Error in clocks
6) Source of Birth time

1) Definition of Birth time:

Most important of all the causes is that we are not sure what is the time that should be termed as "birth time". Means, Labour is a long process. Process start when the head comes out and ends when baby takes first breath. Sometimes it can span to few mintues. and few minutes is a very long period when it comes to accuracy in birth charts.

There are following four different definitions of birth time. And people who support these different definitions give very genuine reason for the support of same.

a) When head comes out
b) when whole body comes out
c) when umblical cord is cut
d) when baby takes first breath.

There is another thought that in all four definitions are viable in different yugas and in Kaliyuga 4th definition is applicable. But honestly no one knows what is actually applicable.

Time difference between When a head comes out and when baby takes first breath can be upto many minutes. In prolonged labour, In cesarean section, In Induced labour this time period is highly varaible. Sometimes baby doesnot cry (or take breath) for two or three minutes after birth. Some times it may be many minutes and the breath is maintained by Ambu bag or similar medical devices till baby start breathing on self.

So, this factor is highly uncertain that at what stage of labour, does the "birth time" should be recorded.

2) coordinates

Coordinates are another major source of error. Any error in coordinates, will obviously lead to error. This error is minimal in case of small towns. But this error can be big in case of big cities and small villages.

In case of small villages, like mine, coordinates are not available in Softwares. Even in google map it may not be possible to derive actual coordinates as these villages are not shown in google maps at lower altitude especially villages which are some Kms away from main road.

In such cases we usually use coordinates of nearest city. But nearest city can be as far as 30Kms in most of the cases and it will make a big difference in calculations when it comes to divisional charts.

In case of big cities like Ludhiana, Delhi, Kanpur any many many more cities, centre of city is taken as coordinate in softwares. But Ludhiana is about 40 Kms wide. So a person born at periphery of city will obviously have different coordinates when it comes to accuracy.

3) Ayanamasya

Ayanamasya is another important factor in error in charts. Lahiri Ayanamsya is the standard ayanamasya used all over India and is supported by govt of India. But reality is that it actually fluctuated aroung the 180` axis of Chitra nakshatra. It means that every day the ayanamasya is actually changing every day. so the start of zodiac is actually fluctuating, but softwares do not take this considerations in calculations. So some scholars advice to use fixed ayanamasya like Jagannath ayanamasya.

In case we are using Lahiri ayanamasya, it is quite likely that some error will be there.
Not in case of Lahiri ayanamsya alone there are a number of ayanamasya thoughts available and all show difference with each other.

And above all, no one surely know what ayanamasya is actually correct. Although every one give genuine views in support of his opinion.

4) Time zone and distance from time zone line

Indian Standard Time is calculated on the basis of 82.5° E longitude, which is just west of the town of Mirzapur, near Allahabad in the state of Uttar Pradesh. And in case of India, The country's east–west distance of more than 2,000 km (1,200 mi) covers over 28 degrees of longitude, resulting in the sun rising and setting almost two hours earlier on India's eastern border than in the Rann of Kutch in the far west.

Means, the timezone we use in India is based on the about middle of India, the more we move away from the points from where the time zone is observed (82.5` E) more will be the error in charts.

5) Error in clocks

We now a day use highly accurate clocks to measure time. But error do not comes from clock. But error comes from where clock's time is matched or in process of matching clock time.

We now a days use TV to match our clocks, in earlier time radio was used for the purpose. And we all know how serious we are really in matching clocks. In case of analogue wathces which have minute hands, error of one minute (in fact more) is very very possible when we match the clocks unless we take the second's hand at 12 and minute at the sharp point like 9 or 10 or 3. Still after some time say one year or so clock will error in approximate one minute due to technical reasons.

Even in case of digital watches, matching upto seconds is quite difficult task.

This is when we use TV to match and we can assume what was the situation when people matched there clocks with a radio.

In short, most of us do not match our clocks very accurately with actual source of time. And this 'most' include hospitals also. Being a doctor I know that clocks in most of the labour rooms are incorrect and no one actually bother to make it very sharp as they are the least used clocks in the hospitals.

6) Who recorded the time?

Even if we use a highly calibrated watch to record the time and we assume that all the factors stated above are negligible, still it is quite difficult to be too accurate in recording birth time, unltill and unless you have a special person to do this in labour room with a highly calibrated digital watch to record the time.

Actually process of labour is so delicate that during those 15-30 minutes all the attention of doctors, attendents and nurses are on the process of labour. They want to ensure that the process completes without any complication or a problem. There is nothing else in the mind of doctors/nurses except the mother and child.

Usually, time is recorded after the process is completed and baby cries. Then nurses usually guess the time of birth and it is a commonly heard sentence at that time "he took birth 5 minutes ago not 10 minutes ago" then the next sentence will be "okay let's take the average and substract 7 1/2 minutes from recorded time".

These are the most common factors which affect the charts. So it is necessary to rectify the lagna and/or ensure that the lagna used is correct.

Any doubt/query is welcome

Kind Regards

Monday, January 11, 2010

Yogas: Tapaswi Yoga

Tapaswi Yoga

How is Tapaswi Yoga formed?

When Ketu, Venus and Saturn are in Trines to each other then it is called Tapasvi yoga.

Sometimes, when two planets are together and third have a strong relation with them, say rashi drishti, then also tapaswi yoga can manifest.

If Atmakaraka is involved in or with Tapaswi Yoga then Tapaswi yoga is much stronger as soul is involved in the yoga and hence the yoga is more fruitful.

Why Tapaswi yoga work?

Trines are Ruled by Lakshmi and Quadrants are ruled by Vishnu. Quadrants show efforts and trines show fruits. Planets in mutual trines are conducive to each other and help each other's significations prosper.

Saturn is a planet of Hardwork and discipline. Saturn shows doing a thing again and again in routine without wanting for fruits. Saturn in this yoga gives
discipline and ability to work hard.

Ketu is a headless graha, it is above wants and selfishness. it denotes selflessness, evolution towards ananta and raise a person above the material world. It gives an urge to know the hidden truth. Ketu in this yoga gives a person selfless devotion towards an aim and a strong urge to find the truth.

Venus gives passion, involvement and enjoyment. Venus make person enjoy the discipline, hardwork and selfless devotion given by Saturn and Ketu.

Tapaswi yoga gives person a strong mind which can endure lot of sufferings.

when does Tapaswi Yoga manifest?

Tapasvi Yoga can be triggered in overlapping periods of favourable Nakshatra dashas and Rashi dashas. Although once triggered it's results can be lifelong even after that particular dasha ends.

What are the effects of Tapaswi yoga?

Tapaswi Yoga doesn't mean a Sanyasi or Sadhu always or a spiritual person. It means
a dedicated and austere pursuer of something. Tapaswi means a person who does the 'tapa'. Tapa means pursuing an aim single mindedly (Sanskrit tapah, tapas- , heat, austerity) With hardwork, discipline and without any selfishness.

As respected PVR Narasimha Rao says "Tapaswis usually dedicate themselves to research and uncover the secrets of the world. A Tapaswi can be into yoga, mantra, tantra, astrology or even physics or chemistry."

A person having Tapaswi Yoga dedicates his life to a area. Does hardwork and achieve success in that are. The dedicaiton can be towards materialistic inclinations or spiritual inclinations or profession or religion or any other area of life. For example, an
atheistic scientist who spends 16 hours a day in finding a cure for a disease can be a tapasvi. Albert Einstein had Tapaswi yoga in his chart.

In which area or life and by which method will the person becomes a yogi will be determined by in which trikona (Dharam, Arth, Kama, moksha) and in which divisional chart does the yoga is taking place.

What are the effects of tapasvi yoga in different divisional charts?

Effects of Tapaswi yoga depends on in which divisional chart it is taking place

In D24 (siddhamsha) Tapaswi Yoga give dedication towards learning
In D10 (dashamsha) Tapaswi yoga gives dedication in
In D9 (navamsha) Tapaswi yoga means dedication in Dharma (Duties)
In D20 (Vimshamsha) tapaswi Yoga means dedication in spirituality and religion

Similarly Tapaswi yoga gives different results in differnt charts.

Below is the Rashi chart of Albert Einstein which have Tapaswi Yoga. two planets are together in 9H and ketu is in lagna. He had Tapaswi yoga in D24 also.

Dear Friends, Due to technical reasons comments have been disabled for the time being. For any comments, discussions and suggestions please visit our forum Astrology Tree Forum

Aim of our Blog is to discuss rarest and least discussed topics of Vedic Astrology. If you have any such topic in mind please let us know. We will be happy to discuss the same.