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Friday, December 4, 2009

Argala: Virodhargala and General Characteristics

Virodhargala and general Characteristics

BPHS says: while obstructors of the Argala will be those in the 10th, 12th and 3rd from a Bhava, or a Grah. The 5th is also an Argala place, while the Grah in the 9th will counteract such Argala.

Means, the Argala caused by 2H, 4H and 11H is opposed by 12H, 10H, and 3H respectively.In Simple words. The planets in 12H from a specific house will obstruct or counteract the effect of planets causing Argala from 2nd hosue from that specific house. Similarly effects of planets in 4H will be obstructed by planets in 10 H, and that of 11H will be obstructed by planets in 3H.

Similarly, Effect of planets in 5H (secondary argala) is opposed by planets in 9H.

Let us see this by pictorial example.Add Image

Some Characteristics of Argala and Virodhargala to be kept in mind at this stage:

1) Effects of Argala and Virodhargala are felt in Dasha periods and sub dasha periods of the planets causing Argala/Virodhargala

2) If Obstruction is weak, the result of Virodhargala may not be felt at all and similarly if obstruction is too strong then effect of Argala may not be felt at all.

3) Effects of Argala planets (Planets causing Argala) will be triggered in their periods/subperiods. Which may continue to effect the whole life if there is no obstruction.

4) Even when there is obstruction. Effects of the planets causing Argala can still be felt in their dasha periods which will be stopped and obstructed in the periods of planets causing Virodhargala.

5) If a planet have more than one relation with a specific house (Say Argala + Rashi Drishti or Argala + grah drishti) Then the effect of Argala causing planet is more strong and conducive.

6) If a house is empty and that house is one of Argala causing house, then that house will have negligible effect.
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