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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Argala: Advanced Rules for Argala-VirodhArgala

Some Advanced Rules for Argala and Virodh Argala used in Vedic Astrology

In this last post of this series we will see some advanced but very important rules used in Vedic Astrology which are must to know before we reach final conclusion.

BPHS says:
Or, if the number of Argalas are more than the obstructing Grahas, then also the Argala will prevail.

When calculating the net results of argala and Virodhargala we have to see which house has more planets. If argala house have more planets then results of Argala will prevail and if Virodhargala house has more number of planets then Virodhargala effects will be stronger

BPHS says:
If the Argala causing Grah is stronger than the obstructing one, the former will prevail.

Means, When there number of are planets equal in both Argala houses and Virodhargala houses. then we will have to see that which planet is stronger. If Argala planet is stronger then effects of Argala causing planets will pervail and vice versa. In Vedic astrology, there are many parameters for strength. And there is controversy that whic parameter to use. Some use Shadbala, some use sthanbala etc. Personally, in coarse perspective, I use that the Exaltation > Mooltrikona > own house > friend's house > Enemy's house > Debilitation formula. But you can use whatever you feel suitable or any other.

BPHS says:
If there are 3, or more malefics in the 3rd they will cause Vipreet Argala (more effective intervention), which will also be harmless and be very favourable.

If there are more than three planets in 3H then they will cause Vipreet Argala which will me more effective intervention and will be harmless and favourable. As this condition will make the person more courageous for that house and person will be more hardworking.

BPHS says:
As Rahu and Ketu have retrograde motions, the Argalas and obstructions be also counted accordingly in a reverse manner.

This is also a controversial rule. Some Astrologers believe that this rule is applicable to Rahu only, some says Ketu only and some says both.

Another contorversys is that some people says that the argala and virodhargala caused by nodes should be counted in opposite direction (for example if Rahu is in 4H from Lagna then the rahu will cause the Virodhargala and not the Argala)

Also some people says that the house which accomodate Nodes should be counted in opposite direction for argala and virodh argala (for example, If Rahu is in Lagna, and planet in 4H, then the planets in 4H will cause virodhargala and not argala)

BPHS says:
Maharishis say, that the Argala, caused by one Grah, will yield limited effect, by two medium and by more than two, excellent effects.

If Argala house have one planet then the effect will be less and more planets will cause more effect. Means more the merrier.

BPHS says:
Argalas should be counted from a Rasi, or a Grah, as the case may be. The Argala, which is unobstructed will be fruitful, while the one duly obstructed will go astray.

Argala should can be counted from the house or planet whatever is needed in interpretation.

BPHS says:
The Argala, caused by placement of a Grah in the first one fourth part of the Rasi, is countered by another, placed in the 4th quarter of the respective obstructive Rasi. Similarly 2nd quarter’s Argala is eliminated by the 3rd quarter placement of another Grah.

Another important rule indicates that divide each house in four equal parts of 7 degrees 30 minutes each. so if planets causing argala and virodhargala are in corresponding quarter of the houses then the obstruction will be effective otherwise the obstruction may not be that effective.

For example If the Argala causing planet is in the first quarter
(or first 7 degrees 30 minutes of the house), while the obstructing planet is
in the 4th quarter (22degrees 30 minutes to 30 degrees), the obstruction
indeed will counteract the argala.Similarly when the Argala planet is in the 2nd
quarter of the House (i.e. 7 degrees 30 minutes to 15 degrees), the
obstruction (planet in 15degrees to 22 degrees 30 minutes i.e. 3rd quarter)
will counteract the Argala."

I had tried to explain this confusing topic in very simple language and in a interesting manner altogether. I know I was not much successful in my attempt. So please forgive me for this and also for my grammatical mistakes.

With Regards

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Argala: Basic concepts of Argala-Virodhargala

Some Basic concepts of Argala and Virodhargala

Before progressing to our last post in this series I will like to answer some very basic questions that are arising in your minds and I had received emails asking those.

Ques: Does all argala have different effects or same effects?

Answer: All Argalas have different types of effects. Which we will see in detail in answer to next question.
Ques: Why Planets in 2nd house, 4th house, 11th hosue, and 5th house have so decisive effect on a particular house?

Answer: 2nd house from a specific house signifies resources available for that house. And planets posited in 2nd house will have effect on the resources available for that houses. So a malefic in 2nd hosue from a house will effect the resources badly and benefics in 2H will effect the resources in a good way. This Argala is also called "Dhanargala"

Similarly 4H from a specific indicates comforts, mother, learning related to that specific house. So planets in 4th hosue from a house will affect these factors related to that house. This 4th hosue Argala is also called "Sukhargala"

5th house from a specific shows abilities, knowledge, romance (affection/interest towards that specific house). And planets in 5H from a specific house will affect knowledge related to that house. 5th house Argala is also called "Sutargala"

11th house from any house shows gains related to that specifc house. And planets posited in 11th house from a specific house will effect gains from that specific house. This Argala is also called "Labhargala"

Ques: Why 3rd H malefics cause Argala on a specific house?

Ans: 3rd house shows initiatives. And malefics in 3rd house from a specific house indicates that the person is very ruthless in initiating and will take risks and will be daring when it comes to significations of that house.. Hence they will be causing a specific effect on that house and hence told to cause argala.

Ques: If Argala is obstructed by equivalent virodhargala then the results of that how and to much extent results of that planets will be felt?

Answer: when the periods of planets causing argala will come then the person will cause effects of Argala causing planets come true. But when periods of virodhargala planets will come then the effects that were triggered in Argala planets will come to an halt.

For example, In Lord Shrirama horoscope. He have cancer lagna. And have exalted saturn in 4H and exalted Sun in 10H. Saturn (7L,8L in 4H - indicates staying away from home) is causing Argala on 1H (own existence) and Sun is causing Argala (2L in 10H indicates becoming a king, enjoying all success in career, being good in politics and ruling)

During Saturn's period, Lord Shri Rama had to leave home and had to face many hardships physically. But when the Sun's period came then the effects of Argala came to an Halt and the effects of Sun were felt

Ques: Will Shubhargala obstructs Paapargala and vice versa only? or there is any other rule?

Answer: Shubha Argala can block papargala and Papaargala can block shubhargala. Again Shubhargala can block shubhargala and papargala can block papargala. Hence all four combinations are possible.

Some advanced questions were also asked which I prefer not to answer here as they will become clear as we advance further. If still some soubt will remain I will be happy to clear those in coming in our forum.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Argala: Virodhargala and General Characteristics

Virodhargala and general Characteristics

BPHS says: while obstructors of the Argala will be those in the 10th, 12th and 3rd from a Bhava, or a Grah. The 5th is also an Argala place, while the Grah in the 9th will counteract such Argala.

Means, the Argala caused by 2H, 4H and 11H is opposed by 12H, 10H, and 3H respectively.In Simple words. The planets in 12H from a specific house will obstruct or counteract the effect of planets causing Argala from 2nd hosue from that specific house. Similarly effects of planets in 4H will be obstructed by planets in 10 H, and that of 11H will be obstructed by planets in 3H.

Similarly, Effect of planets in 5H (secondary argala) is opposed by planets in 9H.

Let us see this by pictorial example.Add Image

Some Characteristics of Argala and Virodhargala to be kept in mind at this stage:

1) Effects of Argala and Virodhargala are felt in Dasha periods and sub dasha periods of the planets causing Argala/Virodhargala

2) If Obstruction is weak, the result of Virodhargala may not be felt at all and similarly if obstruction is too strong then effect of Argala may not be felt at all.

3) Effects of Argala planets (Planets causing Argala) will be triggered in their periods/subperiods. Which may continue to effect the whole life if there is no obstruction.

4) Even when there is obstruction. Effects of the planets causing Argala can still be felt in their dasha periods which will be stopped and obstructed in the periods of planets causing Virodhargala.

5) If a planet have more than one relation with a specific house (Say Argala + Rashi Drishti or Argala + grah drishti) Then the effect of Argala causing planet is more strong and conducive.

6) If a house is empty and that house is one of Argala causing house, then that house will have negligible effect.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Argala: Argala and General Characteristics

Argala: What is it?

In vedic Astrology, Argala plays a very important role. In general term Argala means "Obstruction" or it means "Bolt on a door". But in vedic astrology it is meant by a decisive caused on a planet and/or on the house.

Argala is a decisive effect on a planet or a house. In Simple language we can call it 'House Aspects' It is different from Sign aspects (Rashi drishti) and Planetary aspects (Grah Drishti).

Some characteristics of Argala:

1) It is casted by House and planets in that house on a house and planets in aspected house.

2) It has more decisive effect on a house and significations of that house. On the contrary, Rashi Drishti show permanent effect and Grah Drishti shows the desire of a planet to effect the significations of a house.

3) It's effects are seen in the periods and subperiods of that planet and Rashi. On the other hand Rashi Drishti have a permanent effect which is independent of Dashas.

4) Argala can be "Shubhargla" or "papargala" (Malefic effect and Benefic effect respectively)

5) Argala can be and should be used in all divisional charts.

General Principles of Argala used in Vedic Astrology:

For this I will like to stick to Maharishi Parashara's Teachings in Brihat Parashar Hora samhita. Parashara Describes Argala in Chapter 31 of BPHS. I will use those teachings and will try to explain those teachings in a more simple language. Infact I will try to make it as simple as possible so that everyone can understand. Some advanced readers may find it too stretched or boring. I request them to forgive me.

BPHS Says: Formation of Argala. Maitreya, I explain below Argala to know the definite effects of Bhavas and Grahas. Grahas in the 4th, 2nd and the 11th cause Argalas,
In other shaloka: The 5th is also an Argala place, while the Grah in the 9th will counteract such Argala.

Means, Planets in the 2nd house, 4th house and 11th house from a specific house will cause Argala on that specific house. Parashara also described that 5th house from that specific house will also cause argala.

Parashara described Argala of 2,4,11 at different shaloka. and that of 5H is different shaloka. Because the argala cause by 2nd, 4th and 11th are more important and more decisive and in modern terms it is also called "Primary Argala". Whereas Argala from 5H is not that important Hence it is called Secondary Argala. But it doesnot mean that we should not use this in interpretation. It also plays very important role.

In other Shaloka Parashara says: If there are 3, or more malefics in the 3rd they will cause Vipreet Argala (more effective intervention), which will also be harmless and be very favourable.

Means, If there are 3 malefics or more in 3H from o house then they will also act as Argala on that specific house. Normally 3H is of Virodhargala (We will discuss in coming para) But in such a condition it will act as Argala itself.

Let us see the example of Argala in this diagram

As we can see, on lagna, 2nd house (saturn and jupiter) is causing argala so effects of Jupiter and saturn will be carried to 1st house. But as 11H is empty. It will not have any evident effect on 1st house.

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