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Saturday, November 14, 2009

Avasthas: Sun's shayanadi Avasthas effects

Avasthas: Sun's shayanadi Avasthas effects

(Please note that these are general results taken from BPHS. For complete results we should
see other factors also)

Sun in Sayan Avastha

The person will have poor digestion, will have many diseases, will have small but somewhat heavy legs, will have pittaj nature, may have heart problems and fistula in ano.

Sun in Upavesan Avastha

will be poor and will have to do hard and heavy work, will indulge in litigations, will be hard hearted will suffer poverty, will carry loads, will indulge in litigations, be hard-hearted, wicked and will lose in his undertakings. Surya in Upavesan will make one an artisan, black in complexion, devoid of learning and miserable. One will serve others.

Sun in Netrapani Avastha

will always be happy, wise, helpful to others, endowed with prowess and wealth, very happy and will gain royal favours. In Netrapani there will be all kinds of happiness, if Surya is in Putr, Dharm, Karm, or Yuvati. In other Bhavas Netrapani of Surya will give eye diseases and enmity with all.

Sun if in Prakash Avastha

will be liberal in disposition, have plenty of wealth, be a significant speaker in the assembly, will perform many meritorious acts, be greatly strong and endowed with charming beauty. If Surya is in Prakash, the native will be meritorious, religious and liberal, will enjoy pleasures, be equal to a prince and will enjoy the status of Kuber, the God of wealth. However, the Prakash of Surya, placed in Yuvati, or Putr will cause loss of the first child and will produce many litigations.

Sun in Gaman Avastha

will be disposed to live in foreign places, be miserable, indolent, bereft of intelligence and wealth, be distressed, due to fear and will be short-tempered. If Surya is in Gaman, the native will incur disease of the feet and will be very mean.

Sun in Agaman Avastha

will be interested in others’ wives, be devoid of his own men, be interested in movements and skilful in doing evil deeds, be dirty, ill-disposed and will be a talebearer. If in Agaman, Surya in Vyaya, or in Yuvati will destroy progeny and will give very limited wealth.

Sun in Sabha Avastha
will be disposed to help others, be always endowed with wealth and gems, be virtuous, endowed with lands, new houses and robes, be very strong, very affectionate to his friends and very kindly disposed

Sun in Agam Avastha

will be distressed, due to enemies, fickle-minded, evil-minded, emaciated, devoid of virtuous acts and intoxicated with pride. If in Agam, Surya will give many miseries, an ugly appearance and foolishness. However, he will give wealth.

Sun in Bhojan Avastha

will experience pains in joints, will lose money on account of others’ females, will have strength, declining off and on, be untruthful, will incur head-aches, eat remnant food and will take to bad ways. Surya in Bhojan in Dharm will cause many hindrances to spiritual and religious undertakings. In other Bhavas Surya in Bhojan will cause head and ear diseases, apart from joint pains.

Sun in Nritya Lips Avastha

will be honoured by the learned, be a scholar, will have knowledge of poetry etc. and will be adored by kings on the earth.

Sun in Kautuk Avastha

will always be happy, will be endowed with Vedic Knowledge and will perform Yagyas, will move amidst kings, have fear from enemies, will be charming-faced and be endowed with knowledge of poetry

Sun in Nidr Avastha

will have a strong tendency towards being drowsy, will live in foreign (distant) places, will incur harm to his wife and will face financial destruction. If Surya is in Nidr, the native will be predisposed to incur piles and elephantiasis, will experience a lack of peace and he will be liable to lose his first child.
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