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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Avasthas: Shayanadi Avasthas: How to calculate

Avasthas: Shayanadi Avasthas: How to calculate

Each avastha type is given a number

1) Shayan (lying down),
2) Upavesan, (sitting)
3) Netrapani, (Eyes and hands)
4) Prakash, (glowing)
5) Gaman, (On the move/walking)
6) Agaman, (coming)
7) Sabha, (attending an assembly)
8) Agam, (Returning)
9) Bhojan,(Eating)
10) Nritya Lips,(Desirous)
11) Kautuk (Eager)
12) Nidr (Sleeping)

Similarly each planet is given a number from 1 to 7 (sun to saturn), each sign is given a number from 1 to 12 (Aries to Pisces) and each nakshatra is given a number from 1 to 27 (From Ashwini to Revati)

The formula for calculating the Shayanadi avastha is

Number of the Nakshatra (occupied by that planet)

X (Multiply)

Number of the planet


Number of sign in navamsha that planet is in

+ (Add)

Janam Nakshatra (constellation occupied by moon)


Number of ghatis of birth


number of Lagna Rashi (Sign occupied by Lagna in Rashi chart) = Total

Now divide this total by 12. You will get a reminder. This reminder will give you the corresponding avastha.

To get the Sub state,

Take the square of the number of avastha of planet + Anka value of the person's name's
first syllable (hindi varnamala) = Total

(Anka value is 1 for a, ka, cha, ? a, dha, bha and va, 2 for i, kha, ja, ?ha, na, ma and sha, 3 for u, ga, jha, ta, pa, ya and sa, 4 for e, gha, ? a, tha, pha, ra and sa, 5 for o, ca, ?ha, da, ba, la and ha.)

Divide the total by 12 = Remainder


Remainder + Constant additives of that planet ( Surya 5, Candr 2, Mangal 2, Budh 3, Guru 5, Sukr 3, Sani 3, Rahu and Ketu 4.) = Second Total

Now divide second total by 3 = Second Remainder

For second remainder

1 = Drishti
2 = Chesht
3 = Vichesht

In Chesht sub state planet gives full result, In Drishti sub state planet gives half results and no results in third state.

Another simple method to calculate these avasthas (The method which I use usually) is to use a good Horoscope making software. :))

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