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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Avasthas: Shayanadi Avasthas- General Description

Avasthas: Shayanadi Avasthas- General Description

Besides three types of Dasha Discussed by us in previous posts. There is another types of Avastha. This is called Shayanadi avasthas. These avasthas indicate the mood of the planet.
and which result will it give. Parashara says this type to be most important of all. Parashars discussed these avasthas in very detail. But these avasthas are one of the best kept secrets in astrology. And one of the less known types of avasthas. In coming posts we will discuss these avasthas. The reference is mainly from BPHS.

Shayanadi Avashathas are of twelve types,

1) Shayan (lying down),
2) Upavesan, (sitting)
3) Netrapani, (Eyes and hands)
4) Prakash, (glowing)
5) Gaman, (On the move/walking)
6) Agaman, (coming)
7) Sabha, (attending an assembly)
8) Agam, (Returning)
9) Bhojan,(Eating)
10) Nritya Lips,(Desirous)
11) Kautuk (Eager)
12) Nidr (Sleeping)

There are further sub types of these.

1) Drishti
2) Chesht
3) Vichesht

General effects of sayanadi avasthas as told in BPHS.

If a benefic Grah is in Sayan, then that benefic planet will give benefid results in all his dasha and antardasha period. Because at that time planet is lying down and is in relaxed mood. he is feeling comfortable enough in that house that he can laydown and rest there.

If any malefic planet is in Bhojan avastha, then that planet will destroy every happiness of that house. Bhojan means eating and a planet is eating that house and it's significations.

When a planet is in 7H in the state of Nidr (sleeping) and is not getting any malefic aspect then native will feel auspisious effects related to that house. This is because that planet is sleeping there and is not in mood to harm. Similar effects can be described for 5th house

But if a malefic is in 8th house in nidr then person will have untimely death due to punishment from the government. But if that planet is getting aspect from benefic and/or is in conjunction with benefic then that person will die untimely at sacred places/shrines. Parashara described the place of death as Ganga nadi specifically.

If moon is in Kautuk or prakash avastha then person will have a great Rajayoga. If a malefic is in 10th house in sayan or bhojan avastha then that person will have to face problems due to his own bad deeds of present life any many past lives.

These are just general effects of these avasthas as told by Parashara. In coming posts we will discuss how to calculate these avasthas and what are the effects with respect to different planets


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