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Saturday, November 28, 2009

Avasthas: Rahu's shayanadi Avasthas effects

Avasthas: Rahu's shayanadi Avasthas effects

Rahu in Shayan Avastha

the native will experience miseries in abundance, but, if Rahu in Sayan is placed in Vrishabh, Mithun, Kanya, or Mesh, the native will be endowed with wealth and grains.

Rahu in Upavesan Avastha

the native will be distressed, due to ulcers, will be endowed with royal association, be highly honourable and ever devoid of financial happiness.

Rahu in Netrapani Avastha

will be troubled by eye diseases, will have fear from wicked people, snakes and thieves and will incur financial decline.

Rahu in Prakash Avastha

will acquire a high position, will perform auspicious acts and will obtain elevation of his financial state, will be highly virtuous, a chief in the king’s court, charming, like freshly formed clouds (that will cause soon rain) and will be very prosperous in foreign places.

Rahu in Gaman Avastha

will be endowed with numerous children, be scholarly, wealthy, charitable and honoured by the king.

Rahu in Agaman Avastha

will be very irritable, bereft of intelligence and wealth, crooked, miserly and libidinous;

Rahu in Sabha Avastha

will be scholarly, miserly and endowed with many virtues, wealth and happiness

Rahu in Agam Avastha

will be always mentally distressed, will have fear from enemies and litigations with enemies, be bereft of his own men, will face financial destruction and will be crafty and emaciated

Rahu in Bhojan Avastha

will be distressed without food and dull-witted, will not be bold in his acts and will be bereft of conjugal and progenic happiness.

Rahu in Nritya Lips Avastha

will contract a serious disease, which seems difficult to subdue, will have afflicted eyes and will have fear from enemies, will decline financially and righteously.

Rahu in Kautuk Avastha

will be devoid of a position (place), be interested in others’ females and will steal others’ wealth

Rahu in Nidr Avastha

will be a repository of virtues, will be endowed with wife and children, be bold, proud and very affluent.

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