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Monday, November 16, 2009

Avasthas: Moon's shayanadi Avasthas effects

Moon in Shayan Avastha

the native will be honourable, sluggish, given to sexual lust and he will face financial destruction

Moon in Upavesan Avastha

will be troubled by diseases, be dull-witted, not endowed with mentionable wealth, will be hard-hearted, will do unworthy acts and will steal others’ wealth

Moon in Netrapani Avasthsa

will be troubled by great diseases (long lasting in nature), be very garrulous, wicked and will indulge in bad deeds.

Moon in Prakash Avastha

the native will be famous in the world, will have his virtues exposed through royal patronage, will be surrounded by horses, elephants, females and ornaments, will visit shrines.

Moon in Gaman Avastha

with decreasing rays, the native will be sinful, cruel and always troubled by afflictions of sight. If moon is in Gaman with increasing rays, the native will be distressed, due to fear.

Moon in Agaman Avastha

the native will be honourable, will suffer diseases of the feet, will secretly indulge in sinful acts, will be poor and devoid of intelligence and happiness.

Moon in Sabha Avastha

Will be eminent among men, honoured by kings and kings of kings, will be very beautiful, will subdue the passion of women and will be skilful in sexual acts, will be virtuous.

Moon in Agam Avastha

will be garrulous and virtuous and, if the said Candr is of dark fortnight, the native will have two wives, he will be sick, highly wicked and violent.

Moon in Bhojan Avastha

will be endowed with honour, conveyances, attendants, social status, wife and daughters, provided Candr is Full ‘Purna’; if in Bhojan and is of dark fortnight, auspicious effects will fail to come.

Moon in Nritya Lips Avasths

If moon is endowed with (fortnightly) strength, he will be strong, will have knowledge of songs and will be a critic of beauty of things; if in Nritya Lips and of dark fortnight, i.e. not endowed with strength, the person will be sinful;

Moon in Kautuk Avastha

the native will attain kingship, lordship over wealth and skill in sexual acts and in sporting with harlots.

Moon in Nidr avastha

If moon is waxing , being yuti with Guru, be in Nidr, the native will be quite eminent. If waxing moon is in Nidr, but devoid of Guru’s Yuti, the native will lose his wealth on account of females and female jackals will be crying around his abode (as though it were a cemetery).
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