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Friday, November 20, 2009

Avasthas: Mercury's shayanadi Avasthas effects

Avasthas: Mercury's shayanadi Avasthas effects

Mercury in Shayan Avastha

Should Budh in Sayan be in Lagn, the native will be lame and will have reddish eyes (like the black bee); if Budh is in Sayan in other Bhavas, the native will be addicted to licentious (disregarding certain rules) pleasures and be wicked.

Mercury in Upavesan Avastha

in Upavesan in Lagn, the native will possess (the seven principle) virtues; if Budh in Upavesan is in Lagn, receiving a Drishti from a malefic, or Drishtis from malefics, or is yuti with malefics, penury will result; if Budh in Upavesan is in Lagn, receiving a Drishti from a benefic, or Drishtis from benefics, or is yuti with benefics, financial happiness will follow.

Mercury in Netrapani Avastha

the native will be devoid of learning, wisdom, well wishers and satisfaction, but he will be honourable; if Budh is in Putr in Netrapani, the subject will be bereft of happiness from wife and sons, will be endowed with (more) female children and will gain abundant finance through royal patronage.

Mercury in Prakash Avastha

the native will be charitable, merciful and meritorious, he will cross the boundaries of ocean in respect of many branches of learning, he will be endowed with the great faculty of discrimination and will destroy evil people.

Mercury in Gaman Avastha

will visit the courts of kings on many occasions and Goddess Lakshmi will dwell in his abode

Mercury in Agaman Avastha

the same effects, due to his being in Gaman, will fructify

Mercury in Sabha Avastha

in Sabha and happens to be in exaltation, will be affluent and meritorious at all times, will be equal to Kuber, or will be a king, or a minister, will be devoted to Lord Vishnu and Lord Shiva, will be virtuous and will attain full enlightenment.

Mercury in Agam Avastha

the native will serve base men and will gain wealth thereby, will have two sons and one fame bringing daughter.

Mercury in Bhojan Avastha

the native will face financial losses through litigations, will physically lose on account of fear from the king, will be fickle-minded and will be bereft of physical and conjugal felicity

Mercury in Nritya Lips Avastha

will be endowed with honour, conveyances, corals (gems etc.), sons, friends, prowess and recognition in assembly, due to his scholarship; if Budh in Nritya Lips Avastha is in a malefic’s Rasi, the native will be addicted to prostitutes and will long for licentious pleasures.

Mercury in Kautuk Avastha

in Kautuk in Lagn, the native will be skilful in music; if Budh is in Yuvati, or Randhr with Kautuk, the native will be addicted to courtezans; if Budh in Kautuk is placed in Dharm, the native will be meritorious and attain heavens after death.

Mercury in Nidr Avastha

the native will not enjoy comfortable sleep, will be afflicted by neck, or neck joint (sandhi) diseases, will be devoid of co-born, afflicted by miseries galore, will enter into litigations with his own men and will lose wealth and honour.
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