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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Avasthas: Mars's shayanadi Avasthas effects

Mars in Shayan Avastha

the native will be troubled by wounds, itch and ulcer.

Mars in Upavesan Avastha

the native will be strong, sinful, untruthful, eminent, wealthy and bereft of virtues. Should Mangal be in Upavesan in Lagn, the native will be extremely sinful and he will incur several diseases, will be indigent and not peaceful. If Upavesan occurs for Mangal in Dharm, the native will lose his whole wealth apart from his wife and progeny.

Mars in Netrapani Avastha

If mars is placed in Lagn and happens to be in Netrapani, there will be penury; if placed in other Bhavas, Netrapani will confer rulership of a city. Mangal in Netrapani in Lagn will give poverty and will destroy the native’s wife and progeny; if Mangal is in Netrapani in other Bhavas, this confers on the native all kinds of wealth and happiness from wife and children. The Dhan, or Yuvati position of Mangal in Netrapani will cause fear from lions and snakes apart from giving earnings from lands. Furthermore the native’s wife will predecease him.

Mars in Prakash Avastha

Should Mars be in Prakash Avastha, the native will shine with virtues and will be honoured by the king. Mangal in Prakash in Putr will cause loss of children and of wife. If Mangal is in Prakash in Putr and happens to be there with Rahu, a severe (positional) fall will descend on the native. Should Mangal be in Prakash in Putr, or in Yuvati, the native will lose his wife and all children. If Mangal is placed in Putr in Prakash and is yuti with Sani, the native will kill cows.

Mars in Gaman Avastha

the native will be always roaming, will have fear of multiple ulcers, will incur misunderstandings with females, will be afflicted by boils, itches etc. and will incur financial decline. Should Mangal be in Gaman in Lagn, the native will be active in his assignments, will incur diseases of the joints, burning pains in the eyes and will obtain dental afflictions and the like, he will have fear from dogs and will adore the guise of a female. In other Bhavas Mangal in Gaman will bring royal favours, leadership and luxuries of life.

Mars in Agaman Avastha

the native will be virtuous, endowed with precious gems, will adore a sharp sword, will walk with the gait of an elephant, will destroy his enemies and will remove the miseries of his people. Mangal in Agaman will cause piles and diseases of the rectum.

Mars in Sabha Avastha

If Mars happens to be in exaltation, the native will be skilful in conducting wars, will hold the flag of righteousness aloft and will be wealthy; if Mangal happens to be in Sabha in Putr, or Dharm, the native will be bereft of learning; if Mangal is in Sabh in Vyaya, childlessness and no wife and no friends will result; if Mangal is in other Bhavas in Sabha, the native will be a scholar in a king’s court (poet laureate), be very wealthy, honourable and charitable.

Mars in Agam Avastha

The native will be devoid of virtues and good deeds, will be distressed by diseases, will acquire diseases of the root of the ears (‘Karan Mularogam’ & ‘Padamulam Urumulam’ etc.) and severe gout pains, will be timid and will befriend evil lot.

Mars in Bhojan Avastha

If Mangal is with strength, while in Bhojan Avastha, the native will eat sweet-food; if devoid of strength, will indulge in base acts and be dishonourable. If Mangal is in Bhojan, or in Sayan in Putr, or in Randhr, there will be untimely death for the native. In other Bhavas Bhojan of Mangal will confer wealth.

Mars in Nritya Lips Avastha

The native will earn wealth through the king and will be endowed with fullness of gold, diamonds and corals in his house. Should Mangal be in Nritya Lips and happens to be in Lagn, Dhan, Yuvati, or Karm, the native will receive all kinds of happiness; there will be miseries in abundance, if Mangal is in Nritya Lips and placed in Randhr, or Dharm, apart from incurring untimely death. In other Bhavas Nritya Lips of Mangal will make the native akin to Kuber.

Mars in Kautuk Avastha

will be curious in disposition and will be endowed with friends and sons; if in Kautuk and simultaneously exalted, will be honoured by the king and the virtuous and will be virtuous himself. Mangal in Yuvati, or in Dharm in Kautuk will give several diseases and death of the first child and wife. In other Bhavas Kautuk will confer scholarship, various kinds of wealth, two wives and more female children.

Mars in Nidr Avastha

will be short-tempered, devoid of intelligence and wealth, will be wicked, fallen from virtuous path and troubled by diseases. In Nidr Mangal in Lagn, Dhan, Sahaj, Dharm, Karm, or Labh will give scholarship, foolishness and poverty. Putr, or Yuvati placement of Mangal in Nidr will give many miseries and many male children. Should Rahu join Mangal in Nidr in any Bhava, the native will have many wives, be miserable and will suffer from some diseases on the surface of the feet.
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