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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Avasthas: Jupiter's shayanadi Avasthas effects

Avasthas: Jupiter's shayanadi Avasthas effects

Jupiter in Shayan Avastha

the native will be strong, but will speak in whispers, he will be very tawny in complexion, will have prominent cheeks and will have fear from enemies.

Jupiter in Upavesan Avastha

will be garrulous and very proud, will be troubled by the king and enemies and will have ulcers on the feet shanks, face and hands.

Jupiter in Netrapani Avastha

will be afflicted by diseases, be devoid of wealth, fond of music and dances, libidinous, tawny in complexion and will be attached to people of other castes

Jupiter in Prakash Avastha

will enjoy virtues, will be happy, splendourous and will visit holy places, devoted to Lord Krishna. In Prakash Avastha if Jupiter is exalted, will attain greatness among men and will be equal to Kuber.

Jupiter in Gaman Avastha

will be adventurous, happy on account of friends, scholarly and endowed with Vedic learning and with various kinds of wealth

Jupiter in Agaman Avastha

serving force, excellent women and the goddess of wealth will never leave the native’s abode

Jupiter in Sabha Avastha

will attain comparability with Guru (God of speech) in the matter of speech, will be endowed with superior corals, rubies and wealth, will be rich with elephants, horses and chariots and will be supremely learned

Jupiter in Agam Avastha

will be endowed with various conveyances, honours, retinue (many persons will take good care of him), children, wife, friends and learning, will be equal to a king, extremely noble, fond of literature and will take to the path of the virtuous

Jupiter in Bhojan Avastha

will always beget excellent food and horses, elephants and chariots, while Lakshmi, the Goddess of Wealth, will never leave his house.

Jupiter in Nritya Lips Avastha

will receive royal honours, be wealthy, endowed with knowledge of moral law ‘Dharma’ and Tantra, will be supreme among the learned and be a great grammarian.

Jupiter in Kautuk Avastha

will be curious in disposition, very rich, will shine, like Surya in his circles, be exceedingly kind, happy, honoured by the kings, endowed with sons, wealth and just disposition, will be very strong and he will be a scholar in the king’s court.

Jupiter in Nidr Avastha

will be foolish in all his undertakings, will suffer irredeemable penury and will be devoid of righteous acts.
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