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Saturday, October 10, 2009

Third House: Significations of third house

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Sorry for the Delay in this post, again lack of time was the reason. I was getting mails asking that when the next post will be posted. I am highly thankful for the love you all are giving to me. I advice you to add this blog your "follow list" or subscribe to the feeds. So that you can get notifications whenever a new posts are posted. Again, I am sorry for the delay, I'll try tbe more punctual next time onwards. This time I am starting third house significations. After It I will try to write an article on argala.



Third house shows younger brothers, friends and colleagues, employees. Initiative, teamwork, leadership capabilities, aggression, energy, and intentions that drive us, passion, courage and boldness, ambition is shown by third house. It is the first house in Kama trikona. This house is ruled by Mars. This house show our interests and hobbies. In D10 this house shows small break in job, In D9 it shows initiation of spiritual practices.

If the 3rd house and its ruler is well placed, younger siblings achieve success and are prosperous. The person himself is known for his or her courage and boldness.

In Relations 3H shows
First youngest Siblings, Siblings of mother's father.

In Body parts it shows
Throat, Neck, Shoulders, Arms, hands, Upper chest (nipples), Right ear.

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