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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Third House: Planets in third house - part3

Jupiter in third house

Jupiter in 3rd house gives the person many good brothers but relation with them may be bad if Jupiter is afflicted. He have good relation with brothers if Jupiter is in favourable signs. Although Jupiter is Marana-karaka sthana for Jupiter. Person is Optimistic and philosophical. Does not have good relation with own children and family. Person is not much respected in society and may be suffering from chest and digestion problems.

Jupiter from 3H casts full aspect on 7H (will get good, devoted and religious wife) 9H (will be religious, fortunate, believes in vedic knowledge) 11H (will have constant source of income and will be able to maintain gains from profession)

Venus in Third house

Person is mentally very strong but physically he may have to face problems. Person likes singing, dance, arts, music etc. Person have a very creative bent of mind although financially he may not be that successful. If venus is afflicted then the person is a miser, mean, poor and highly sensual. Have friendly relation with brothers is venus is well disposed. Although my not have good relation with children and also may have differences from spouse. Venus from 3H aspect 9H which is auspicious for the native. Person achieve high position in society and earns money from hotel/restaurant business.

Saturn in Third house

Person is brave and courageous. Loss of brothers is possible. Person is eccentric and is not kind. Person is honoured by authorities. Person may also become the head of local bodies. Although the success is achieved by much hardwork. In childhood person may not be that able. If Saturn is afflicted, mental problems may arise. Person is also very liberal and hard working.

Saturn aspects 5H (may have some troubles with children) 9H (person have a tendency to doubt and sticks to tradition, may have to face hurdles) and 12H (is sorrowful and extravagant)

Rahu in Third house

This placement of Rahu is bad for brothers. Person looks brave from outside. Person will spend without thinking, will have a high opinion about himself and will teld to stick to his opinion. May get to hear some bad news about brother. This position of rahu is good for his own longetivity and also this position of Rahu gives Kubera Yoga. Rahu in 3H aspects 7H (may have problems in marital life) 9H (may feel unlucky sometimes and may have to face troubles) 11H (person is quarrelsome, may have health problems and is extravagant)


Ketu in Third House

Person have wandering mind. Person may also have some hallucinations and also may have some imaginary principles which he believes strongly. Although he will be nobel and charitable. Will be prosperous, intelligent and defeats enemies.

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