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Friday, October 23, 2009

Third House: Planets in third house - part2

The Moon.—The person likes traveling, is very active, knowledgeable, wealthy and broad minded. If moon is waxing then person have good relation with siblings (esp sisters) and gains through them, loves children. If moon is waning person is cruel, miserable, mean. If moon is afflicted by malefics, esp along with rahu then person will lack peace of mind.

Person have a sharp memory. Moon in third house aspects 9H fully. This makes person religious, smart looking, satisfied and always happy. Person’s luck rises after marriage and gains through females.

If moon is placed in own, exaltation and friend’s sign, person get good results. On the other hand if moon is placed in enemy’s sign or in debilitation sign and is afflicted then it indicates disease, chest allergies, cold.

Mars.—If Mars is afflicted and is in Enemy’s house or is debilitated, then this position is bad for brothers and sisters. Sibling’s support is also not there. Person is prone to accidents esp when Saturn/rahu is involved. Person may be suffering from chest diseases like Tuberculosis, Bronchial Asthma, dry irritating cough. Diseases related to ears may also be there. Misunderstandings with siblings and in family are part of life. Person is dominating, usually undisciplined and may have violent tendencies. This condition of Mars directs person’s efforts in wrong direction. Person may be a rebellion.

On the other hand, If mars is well disposed in 3H, is situated in own, exaltation signs, then person have good relation with siblings and will try to protect siblings. Will be adventurous and courageous. He achieves everything in his life with his own efforts. He is a good leader and likes to be independent. Can take his own decision with good prudence, if Mercury is also well disposed.

Generally, Mars in third house makes person heroic, courageous, strong and is very logical. Person may be a glutton. Although his appetite is related to his taste buds. Means Person may eat more if food is of his choice and vice versa.

Mars in 3H have full aspect on 6H which makes person victorious over opponents. Aspect on 10H makes person authorative and successful in high cadre jobs. Aspect on 9H makes person wealthy and intelligent based on good or bad disposition of the planet.

Mercury.— Person’s mind is very sharp and determined. He doesn’t get peace until work assigned to him isn’t done. He is very tactful, diplomatic and never get discouraged. He have good relations. He is interested in mathematics, literature and other multiple things. He is alert, prudent, affectionate and loves children. He have good relation with siblings if mercury is well disposed. Although the person is fickle minded and a afflicted mercury in 3H can give some nervous disorders. Person have good communication skills and can prove to be a good merchant/salesman. He can also be a broker or an editor.

Mercury in OH, FH and Exal makes person practical, prudent and successful. He may be a good poet and is interested in multiple things. Mercury in EH shows incomplete education, differences with brothers

Mercury in 3H casts it’s full vision on 9H making person fortunate and religious.

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