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Monday, October 19, 2009

Third House: Planets in third house

Planets in the Third House

A question was asked to me with regards to last post. That, Third house is a upchaya house. Malefic planets in upchayas (3,6,10,11) are good. But in our last post we discussed that malefics in third house is bad for brothers. There are two reasons for this confusion

1) 3H doesnot show only brothers, but courage, initiatives. A natural malefic in third house may not be good for brothers, but a well placed natural malefic can give a person enough courage for starting new things and take risks. If other planets are supporting person can benefit from the risks taken. Malefics in Upchayas make "Kubera Yoga" Now the questions arise why Kubera Yoga is formed by malefics? This is simple than complex interpretations but a little complex than simple interpretations. Third house show initiatives, malefics (kroor graha literally means harsh planets or emotionless planets or bold planets) in 3H gives person boldness to take risks and start new initiatives withour emotions or fears. Sixth house show obstacles and malefics in 6H show that a person will overcome obstacles with boldness, without emotions and the harsh way and viceversa with benefic planets. 10 House indicates Profession. Malefics in 10 House show that a person does his karma with discipline (saturn) and is hard working (saturn) with courage (mars) ruthlessly (rahu) but there is a catch again. A planet carries the result of the house it owns so a planet can also do bad if it owns dusthanas. In this case both results prevails. A person can be a hardworker but may not get the results as expected or deserved. But if malefic own good houses then the results will be opposite. Relationships also matters. Similarly for the 11H.

we will discuss this when we will discuss effects of different planets in third house in this post.

2) Actually no planet is good or bad. the words used like 'malefic', 'kroora', souwmya, benefic, dusthana etc actually holds different meanings than derived from a single word. We will try to discuss the basics of astrology in coming time as and when we think is required.

Astrology is such a vast subject that everything was not be written in books as there were no priting presses in ancient times, copies of books were made by hand. So in ancient times books were used just like short notes and most of the knowledge and skills were transferred from teachers to students by oral method. So we should not take meanings of the sentences written in books as it is instead we should take the meaning what they actually want to say.

Another thing asked was "The effect of Shani + Rahu in Leo" For gemini Ascendent, Saturn owns 9H and 8H and rahu own 9H. They are friends to each other, but Leo is not a favourable sign for them. Saturn being 8L will cause separation from siblings and rahu will cause some misundertanding with each other. His relationship with brother may see sudden outbursts of anger sometimes. Although the person will be disciplined and will like to learn new things. Saturn from 3H will aspect 5H (may cause trouble with progeny, hardworking progeny), 9H (since own house, person will be sceptical, ), 12H (some problems in relations and fear of thefts and losses, a willingness for spiritual uprise. If connection with ketu and venus, spiritual upliftment is more)

Rahu in 3H will aspect 7H (problems in relationships), 9H (Disbeliefs in traditions and religion, poor prudence), 11H (courage, losses).

The Sun-—Sun in the third house makes the person courageous and authorative. Person have illuminating ideas and person's mind is resourceful and creative. But if Sun is afflicted then it is considered bad for brothers. Here we can see a very clear example of what we discussed earlier in this post. Sun in 3H may not be good for relationship with younger brothers but it will make the person "vanquisher of enemies" in the battlefield. Person will like to accept the challenge and overcome the obstacles with courage and person will always try to safeguard his followers and family in favourable and unfavourable times.

So sun will carry both good and bad results with him. Now relationships of sun and the sign third house occupies also play a role. If Sun is exalted and in own house then sun will not be bad for the brothers. On the other hand if Sun is placed in enemy sign or debilitation then person may have skin disorders (If in watery sign and with combusted mercury). His brothers will be non-cooperative and he may not share a good relation with brothers.

Sun in 3H will have full aspect on 9H which will make the person religious and fortunate.

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