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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Third House: Effects of third house

Effects of The Third house

If third house is influenced by benefics, the person will be endowed with siblings and will be courageous. If 3rd lord is related with Mars and/or both planets are in 3H, the person will get good results in Dashas of Mars as Mars is Karaka of 3H and courage. Sibling will face problems if these two planets are heavily influenced by malefics.
If third lord and/or Mars is in Dusthana siblings may have to face trouble. On the other hand if these two lords are in Trines/Quadrants then siblings will prosperous in dashas of these planets and in dashas of their dispositors.

BPHS says, "14. Adverse Grahas. Sūrya in Sahaj Bhava will destroy the preborn. The afterborn will be destroyed, if Śani is found in Sahaj Bhava. In the same situation Mangal will destroy both the preborn and later-born." ... Now this statement seems contrary to what we read earlier. This statement is applicable when these planets are functional malefic and/or own 8H, 6H,12H. Also in next shaloka He writes:
"15. After estimating the strength and weakness of such Yogas, the effects, related to brothers and sisters, be announced."

If 3L is well placed, is placed in trines or quadrants, is aspected by benefics, If 3H is occupied by good planets and is devoid of malefic argala and drishtis then person will have many well to do brothers. Similar results can be expected with 3L and Mars is in navamsha of benefics and/or friend. If 3L is in Trine or quadrant from Lagnesh, Person will share a good relation with his brothers.

3H is for younger brothers. The elder brother, his prosperity and his adversity should be judged by a consideration of the 11th house.

Respected Astrologer Sh. B.V. Raman in his book 'How to judge horoscope' writes

"The number of brothers has to be judged by measuring the number of Navamsas gained by the lord of the 3rd house, Mars, or the planets in the 3rd, whichever is powerful. Kalidasa in his Uttara Kalamrita suggests that the number of elder brothers should be ascertained by the number of Navamsas passed by the 11th house. The number of Navamsas (of the 3rd bhava) yet to pass indicates the younger ones."

Courage, boldness and initiatives a person takes is also indicated by the third lord. If third lord is strong and well placed and is aspected by benefics the person is courageous and bold and vice versa.

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