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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Third House: Planets in third house - part3

Jupiter in third house

Jupiter in 3rd house gives the person many good brothers but relation with them may be bad if Jupiter is afflicted. He have good relation with brothers if Jupiter is in favourable signs. Although Jupiter is Marana-karaka sthana for Jupiter. Person is Optimistic and philosophical. Does not have good relation with own children and family. Person is not much respected in society and may be suffering from chest and digestion problems.

Jupiter from 3H casts full aspect on 7H (will get good, devoted and religious wife) 9H (will be religious, fortunate, believes in vedic knowledge) 11H (will have constant source of income and will be able to maintain gains from profession)

Venus in Third house

Person is mentally very strong but physically he may have to face problems. Person likes singing, dance, arts, music etc. Person have a very creative bent of mind although financially he may not be that successful. If venus is afflicted then the person is a miser, mean, poor and highly sensual. Have friendly relation with brothers is venus is well disposed. Although my not have good relation with children and also may have differences from spouse. Venus from 3H aspect 9H which is auspicious for the native. Person achieve high position in society and earns money from hotel/restaurant business.

Saturn in Third house

Person is brave and courageous. Loss of brothers is possible. Person is eccentric and is not kind. Person is honoured by authorities. Person may also become the head of local bodies. Although the success is achieved by much hardwork. In childhood person may not be that able. If Saturn is afflicted, mental problems may arise. Person is also very liberal and hard working.

Saturn aspects 5H (may have some troubles with children) 9H (person have a tendency to doubt and sticks to tradition, may have to face hurdles) and 12H (is sorrowful and extravagant)

Rahu in Third house

This placement of Rahu is bad for brothers. Person looks brave from outside. Person will spend without thinking, will have a high opinion about himself and will teld to stick to his opinion. May get to hear some bad news about brother. This position of rahu is good for his own longetivity and also this position of Rahu gives Kubera Yoga. Rahu in 3H aspects 7H (may have problems in marital life) 9H (may feel unlucky sometimes and may have to face troubles) 11H (person is quarrelsome, may have health problems and is extravagant)


Ketu in Third House

Person have wandering mind. Person may also have some hallucinations and also may have some imaginary principles which he believes strongly. Although he will be nobel and charitable. Will be prosperous, intelligent and defeats enemies.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Third House: Planets in third house - part2

The Moon.—The person likes traveling, is very active, knowledgeable, wealthy and broad minded. If moon is waxing then person have good relation with siblings (esp sisters) and gains through them, loves children. If moon is waning person is cruel, miserable, mean. If moon is afflicted by malefics, esp along with rahu then person will lack peace of mind.

Person have a sharp memory. Moon in third house aspects 9H fully. This makes person religious, smart looking, satisfied and always happy. Person’s luck rises after marriage and gains through females.

If moon is placed in own, exaltation and friend’s sign, person get good results. On the other hand if moon is placed in enemy’s sign or in debilitation sign and is afflicted then it indicates disease, chest allergies, cold.

Mars.—If Mars is afflicted and is in Enemy’s house or is debilitated, then this position is bad for brothers and sisters. Sibling’s support is also not there. Person is prone to accidents esp when Saturn/rahu is involved. Person may be suffering from chest diseases like Tuberculosis, Bronchial Asthma, dry irritating cough. Diseases related to ears may also be there. Misunderstandings with siblings and in family are part of life. Person is dominating, usually undisciplined and may have violent tendencies. This condition of Mars directs person’s efforts in wrong direction. Person may be a rebellion.

On the other hand, If mars is well disposed in 3H, is situated in own, exaltation signs, then person have good relation with siblings and will try to protect siblings. Will be adventurous and courageous. He achieves everything in his life with his own efforts. He is a good leader and likes to be independent. Can take his own decision with good prudence, if Mercury is also well disposed.

Generally, Mars in third house makes person heroic, courageous, strong and is very logical. Person may be a glutton. Although his appetite is related to his taste buds. Means Person may eat more if food is of his choice and vice versa.

Mars in 3H have full aspect on 6H which makes person victorious over opponents. Aspect on 10H makes person authorative and successful in high cadre jobs. Aspect on 9H makes person wealthy and intelligent based on good or bad disposition of the planet.

Mercury.— Person’s mind is very sharp and determined. He doesn’t get peace until work assigned to him isn’t done. He is very tactful, diplomatic and never get discouraged. He have good relations. He is interested in mathematics, literature and other multiple things. He is alert, prudent, affectionate and loves children. He have good relation with siblings if mercury is well disposed. Although the person is fickle minded and a afflicted mercury in 3H can give some nervous disorders. Person have good communication skills and can prove to be a good merchant/salesman. He can also be a broker or an editor.

Mercury in OH, FH and Exal makes person practical, prudent and successful. He may be a good poet and is interested in multiple things. Mercury in EH shows incomplete education, differences with brothers

Mercury in 3H casts it’s full vision on 9H making person fortunate and religious.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Third House: Planets in third house

Planets in the Third House

A question was asked to me with regards to last post. That, Third house is a upchaya house. Malefic planets in upchayas (3,6,10,11) are good. But in our last post we discussed that malefics in third house is bad for brothers. There are two reasons for this confusion

1) 3H doesnot show only brothers, but courage, initiatives. A natural malefic in third house may not be good for brothers, but a well placed natural malefic can give a person enough courage for starting new things and take risks. If other planets are supporting person can benefit from the risks taken. Malefics in Upchayas make "Kubera Yoga" Now the questions arise why Kubera Yoga is formed by malefics? This is simple than complex interpretations but a little complex than simple interpretations. Third house show initiatives, malefics (kroor graha literally means harsh planets or emotionless planets or bold planets) in 3H gives person boldness to take risks and start new initiatives withour emotions or fears. Sixth house show obstacles and malefics in 6H show that a person will overcome obstacles with boldness, without emotions and the harsh way and viceversa with benefic planets. 10 House indicates Profession. Malefics in 10 House show that a person does his karma with discipline (saturn) and is hard working (saturn) with courage (mars) ruthlessly (rahu) but there is a catch again. A planet carries the result of the house it owns so a planet can also do bad if it owns dusthanas. In this case both results prevails. A person can be a hardworker but may not get the results as expected or deserved. But if malefic own good houses then the results will be opposite. Relationships also matters. Similarly for the 11H.

we will discuss this when we will discuss effects of different planets in third house in this post.

2) Actually no planet is good or bad. the words used like 'malefic', 'kroora', souwmya, benefic, dusthana etc actually holds different meanings than derived from a single word. We will try to discuss the basics of astrology in coming time as and when we think is required.

Astrology is such a vast subject that everything was not be written in books as there were no priting presses in ancient times, copies of books were made by hand. So in ancient times books were used just like short notes and most of the knowledge and skills were transferred from teachers to students by oral method. So we should not take meanings of the sentences written in books as it is instead we should take the meaning what they actually want to say.

Another thing asked was "The effect of Shani + Rahu in Leo" For gemini Ascendent, Saturn owns 9H and 8H and rahu own 9H. They are friends to each other, but Leo is not a favourable sign for them. Saturn being 8L will cause separation from siblings and rahu will cause some misundertanding with each other. His relationship with brother may see sudden outbursts of anger sometimes. Although the person will be disciplined and will like to learn new things. Saturn from 3H will aspect 5H (may cause trouble with progeny, hardworking progeny), 9H (since own house, person will be sceptical, ), 12H (some problems in relations and fear of thefts and losses, a willingness for spiritual uprise. If connection with ketu and venus, spiritual upliftment is more)

Rahu in 3H will aspect 7H (problems in relationships), 9H (Disbeliefs in traditions and religion, poor prudence), 11H (courage, losses).

The Sun-—Sun in the third house makes the person courageous and authorative. Person have illuminating ideas and person's mind is resourceful and creative. But if Sun is afflicted then it is considered bad for brothers. Here we can see a very clear example of what we discussed earlier in this post. Sun in 3H may not be good for relationship with younger brothers but it will make the person "vanquisher of enemies" in the battlefield. Person will like to accept the challenge and overcome the obstacles with courage and person will always try to safeguard his followers and family in favourable and unfavourable times.

So sun will carry both good and bad results with him. Now relationships of sun and the sign third house occupies also play a role. If Sun is exalted and in own house then sun will not be bad for the brothers. On the other hand if Sun is placed in enemy sign or debilitation then person may have skin disorders (If in watery sign and with combusted mercury). His brothers will be non-cooperative and he may not share a good relation with brothers.

Sun in 3H will have full aspect on 9H which will make the person religious and fortunate.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Third House: Effects of third house

Effects of The Third house

If third house is influenced by benefics, the person will be endowed with siblings and will be courageous. If 3rd lord is related with Mars and/or both planets are in 3H, the person will get good results in Dashas of Mars as Mars is Karaka of 3H and courage. Sibling will face problems if these two planets are heavily influenced by malefics.
If third lord and/or Mars is in Dusthana siblings may have to face trouble. On the other hand if these two lords are in Trines/Quadrants then siblings will prosperous in dashas of these planets and in dashas of their dispositors.

BPHS says, "14. Adverse Grahas. Sūrya in Sahaj Bhava will destroy the preborn. The afterborn will be destroyed, if Śani is found in Sahaj Bhava. In the same situation Mangal will destroy both the preborn and later-born." ... Now this statement seems contrary to what we read earlier. This statement is applicable when these planets are functional malefic and/or own 8H, 6H,12H. Also in next shaloka He writes:
"15. After estimating the strength and weakness of such Yogas, the effects, related to brothers and sisters, be announced."

If 3L is well placed, is placed in trines or quadrants, is aspected by benefics, If 3H is occupied by good planets and is devoid of malefic argala and drishtis then person will have many well to do brothers. Similar results can be expected with 3L and Mars is in navamsha of benefics and/or friend. If 3L is in Trine or quadrant from Lagnesh, Person will share a good relation with his brothers.

3H is for younger brothers. The elder brother, his prosperity and his adversity should be judged by a consideration of the 11th house.

Respected Astrologer Sh. B.V. Raman in his book 'How to judge horoscope' writes

"The number of brothers has to be judged by measuring the number of Navamsas gained by the lord of the 3rd house, Mars, or the planets in the 3rd, whichever is powerful. Kalidasa in his Uttara Kalamrita suggests that the number of elder brothers should be ascertained by the number of Navamsas passed by the 11th house. The number of Navamsas (of the 3rd bhava) yet to pass indicates the younger ones."

Courage, boldness and initiatives a person takes is also indicated by the third lord. If third lord is strong and well placed and is aspected by benefics the person is courageous and bold and vice versa.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Third House: Significations of third house

Dear Friends,

Sorry for the Delay in this post, again lack of time was the reason. I was getting mails asking that when the next post will be posted. I am highly thankful for the love you all are giving to me. I advice you to add this blog your "follow list" or subscribe to the feeds. So that you can get notifications whenever a new posts are posted. Again, I am sorry for the delay, I'll try tbe more punctual next time onwards. This time I am starting third house significations. After It I will try to write an article on argala.



Third house shows younger brothers, friends and colleagues, employees. Initiative, teamwork, leadership capabilities, aggression, energy, and intentions that drive us, passion, courage and boldness, ambition is shown by third house. It is the first house in Kama trikona. This house is ruled by Mars. This house show our interests and hobbies. In D10 this house shows small break in job, In D9 it shows initiation of spiritual practices.

If the 3rd house and its ruler is well placed, younger siblings achieve success and are prosperous. The person himself is known for his or her courage and boldness.

In Relations 3H shows
First youngest Siblings, Siblings of mother's father.

In Body parts it shows
Throat, Neck, Shoulders, Arms, hands, Upper chest (nipples), Right ear.

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