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Saturday, September 26, 2009

Types of Drekkana Varga (D-3 Divisional chart)

Types of Drekkana Varga (D-3 Divisional chart)

Drekkana Varga or D-3 divisional chart is one of the common charts used for predicting about siblings of a person. But this is a very less known and ever lesser discussed fact that there are four types of Drekkana charts described in different texts. These four types are calculated by different methods. I do not know the exact methods to calculate them but you can get them in "Jagannath hora Astrology Software" (commonly known as jhora) by right clicking on the chart > select Parashari Drekkana > Right click on same chart again > Choose Drekkana > Select the type you want. J hora is the best software that calculate these types for you very precisely (I don't know whether anyother software do this or not).

As I told you I donot know the exact methods to calculate them, but I will like to discuss the importance of these different drekkanas. All these Drekkanas show different aspects of life.

These four types of Drekkanas are as follows:

1) Parashari Drekkana
2) Jagannath Drekkana
3) Somnath Drekkana
4) Pravritti-traya Drekkana

1) Parashari Drekkana: This is the most commonly used Drekkana in Vedic astrology. Infact when you read about drekkana anywhere without specific reference then it is understood that the author is refering to this drekkana by default. Parashari Drekkana is used to know about the sibling of a person. Like how many siblings does the person have, what are the sex of those siblings, what does this these siblings do (obviously in a crude manner), and gross luck of those siblings and other aspects related to siblings.

2) Jagannath drekkana: This Drekkana reflect karma of previous life of a person. This drekkana describes the previous life karma of a person in a very physical manner. D-60 analysis must also be used along with it. This drekkan is used to know what karmic load a person is carrying (Obviously D-60 must also be used along with this)

3) Somnath Drekkana: Somnath Drekkana is used to know about the sexual drive of a person. This describes the attitude of a person towards the sexual matters, his libido and his attraction towards the subject.

4) Pravritti-traya Drekkana: This chart is used to see the drives and initiatives that leads the person to apply it's determination toward a specific subject. It tells about the direction where a person will put his efforts and where will he apply his intelligence and determination.

If you have any further query or want to know more about these types feel free to email or leave a comment here.

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