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Thursday, September 3, 2009

Second House: Effects of Various planets in Second House

Effects of various planets in Second house

Sun in Second house

The Person may loose money due to fines or taxes imposed by authorities. Face mey be diseased. Will have to do hard work to earn money. He will have a low intelligence and short temper.

Moon in Second House

Money is obtained through women. Although the economic scenario will be full of fluctuations. Complexion will be fair and person will have a large family. if the moon is the lord of 2nd house, then the person will be wealthy and famous. He will have more fame than money he have.

Mars in Second house

Person in quarrelsome. Person have good earning capability but is very logical in spending money, if mars is not well disposed person may be a miser. Person is a good negotiater.
Person is unsympathetic, quarrelsome and have relation with criminal minded persons.

Mercury in Second house

Person is very religious and may have formal training in religion or philosophy. person have good communication skills and can become a successful lecturer, teacher or preacher. Person is rich and intelligent. Spends and earns money with prudence.

Jupiter in Second house

Person is a poet, and have good writting capability as well as have effect in his voice. He can be an astrologer or and scientist. He have a good wife, good luck, and good family.Trading in things related to jupiter can be helpful.

Venus in the Second house

Person is good looking, have a pleasent personality and have a good spouse. Is endowed with health and wealth. If Venus is 2L then person is also endowed with fame and may be an artist. Usually gets money from others as gifts or favours.

Saturn in the Second house

Accumulating wealth, and earning money is extremely difficult. Although if the Saturn is exalted or in own house then the results may be opposite. Saturn exalted with jupiter in second house forms an excellent "Dhan Yoga". In other signs than these three Person have to work hard and but the gains are comparatively less. Person is not so social and sorrowful. Has bad speaking manners. Person may come across many opportunities but seldom takes advantage of these opportunities. Family life is also not happy.

Rahu in Second House

Person may have diseased face. Relation with family members are not good. Eye sight is at danger esp if Sun is afflicted. There are fluctuations in financial scenario. Benefic aspects decreases the bad effects. Rahu Placed in favourable signs also exhibit lesser negative effects.

Ketu in Second House

Person is not a good speaker and is prone to thefts and frauds. Person may have debts. May be successful in healing, mystic arts, spiritualism. speaker.
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