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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Second house: Effect of Second Lord in various houses


The Effects of the Second Lord in the 7th House

They are connected to medical profession. They are very helping and understand the worries and problems of others. Above all they want to help them. Although they are always concerned with gratification of their senses. They lack discipline. They earn money from many sources and may visit/live abroad. Although the native's wealth and profession is subject to ups and downs.

The Effects of the Second Lord in the 8th House

It is difficult for them to retain assets. They may loose the property they have earned and /or they have inherited. Wrong decisions taken at wrong time usually leads to this as they have tendency to panic. Emotional insecurity is a part of their mind. May have misunderstanding with elder brother. and sometimes close family relatives turn against the person. Domestic happiness is usually lacking.

The Effects of the Second Lord in the 9th House

Person is usually rich and gain profession skills in last half of their life. Earlier part of life is although filled with suffering, both mental and physical. Financial crunch is also part of first half of life. Person is very religious and often visit pilgrims. Native is wise and may inherit property.

The Effects of the Second Lord in the 10th House

Native will be expert in his profession. Native connects the concept of Love with bodily pleasures. relations with progeny is not good and much happiness from progeny is not expected. Native have a philosophical point of view and are opinion leaders. The native is included in many trades. Person is famous and rich.

The Effects of the Second Lord in the 11th House

Person will earn wealth from many sources. Person will earn mane and fame with own abilities. Childhood is marked by health problems but health improves as age progress. The person is a self made person and earns name and fame with own abilities. All the desires of the person is fullfilled.

The Effects of the Second Lord in the 12th House

Person is not very rich and is interested in other people's resources. the person is prone to cheatings and thefts. Relation with elder brother will not be good. These person have a tendency to criticize others. They may have a connection with government and some religious organisation.
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