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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Saraswati Yoga

Saraswati Yoga

When following three conditions are fulfilled

1) Jupiter, Venus and Mercury are in Quadrants, Trine or in Second house from Lagna,
2) Jupiter is exalted or in own house
3) Lagna is strong and well placed

Then the person is a blessed with "Guna" of saraswati. Such persons are very good poet, mathematician, speaker, intelligent, well known in society. But for fulfillment of this Yoga all the planets involved should be strong and well placed.

Jupiter gives intelligence, good memory, sattvic approach to education. Mercury gives learning ability, mathematical ability, good analytical and logical abilities and venus blesses one with passion, creativity, arts and enjoyment. Which ability will be dominated in the person having above yoga depends on positions of planets and strength of the planets.

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