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Saturday, September 5, 2009

Essence of Astrology - 1

In "Astrology of the Seers" a point is clearly emphasized:

"--The essence of astrology is in understanding the meaning of the planets. The meaning of the signs, houses, aspects and other astrological factors is determined by the planets which rule and significate them. Astrology is nothing but the science of the planets, as the forces of the stars are governed by and manifest through them.--"

Let us refresh our memory by revising the basic properties of planets written in all text books, in the very first pages and chapters which we tend to overturn and ignore.

As First house indicate our Self, Personality, intelligence, psychology. We take note of these basic properties in this context.

In BPHS it is written:

"14-15. Grah cabinet. Of royal status are Surya and Candr, while Mangal is the Army chief. Prince-apparent is Budh. The ministerial Grahas are Guru and Sukr. Sani is a servant. Rahu and Ketu form the Grah Army.

So, People who are influenced by Sun will have the characteristics of the King, (how many and which one will be decided by the degree of the Sun in house and strength of the Sun, the star the sun is and so on. Similarly taking note of following characteristics we can determine the complexion, psychology, intelligence, thinking, temperament, guna (Sattva, raja tama) pradhanta, element (Panch mahabhut) dominance in a person's personality.

Obviously, the resultant should be calculated based on the the degree of the planet in house and strength of the Planet, avastha of planet, the star the planet is and so on.

Another notable point is that in cases where multiple planets are having effect, the resultant personality will show added features of all planets, and again which planet will give which characteristic and how much of that characteristic will be dependent on the relative strength of planets, avasthas, postion and all other factors which influence result of a planet.

Below, we will see other characteristics of planets. We can clearly see these characteristics in the persons who are influenced by specific planet. I emphasize that we should not only learn the word that is used here to characteristic, instead what mean that specific mord means and what characteristics that word denote.

For example, When we say that Sun denotes King and a person influenced by Sun will have characteristics of a king, then it is automatically understood that the person influenced by sun will be authoratarian, hot tempered, justice lover, like to give opinion, is a leader and brave, courageous etc. Similarly qualities of a queen should be imagined in a person being influenced by Moon and so on.

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