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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Avasthas of planets: Baal adi avastha

Various Avasthas of planets have been described. Avasthas are the states of a planet which

are to be considered in the context of the effects of the Planets.

Baal Adi Avasthas

Five types of Avasthas are explained in BPHS


1) Baal (Infant)
2) Kumar (young Kid)
3) Yuva (Adoloscent/Young)
4) Vriddh (Old)
5) Mrit (Dead)

These Avasthas (Baal adi avasthas) are described on the basis of their position in the house they are situated in. Each house is divided in five parts of six degrees each.

Counting of baal adi avasthas are started forward from begining of house in odd Signs and backward from end in even signs.

In simple language, In odd signs they rule each part in sequence, whereas in even signs the
sequence is reversed.

Below is the table of baal adi avasthas in simplest

Baal (Infant): 1-6 degrees for odd signs, 25-30 degrees for even signs,
Kumar (young Kid): 7-12 degrees for odd signs, 19-24 degrees for even signs,
Yuva (Adoloscent/Young): 13-18 degrees for odd signs, 13-18 degrees for even signs,
Vriddh (Old): 19-24 degrees for odd signs, 7-12 degrees for even signs,
Mrit (Dead): 25-30 degrees for odd signs, 1-6 degrees for even signs,

Results of these Avasthas:

These avasthas serve two purpose. First is the grade of result and second is the timing of result.

By "Grade of Result of a planet" we means to what intensity or with which strength the effects of planets will be evident. BPHS explains this as below.

Baal (Infant) - one fourth (1/4 of total strength)
Kumar (young Kid) - half (1/2 of total strength)
Yuva (Adoloscent/Young) - Full (with full strength)
Vriddh (Old) - Neglibile (Minimal effects will be evident)
Mrit (Dead) - Nil (Virtually no result of the planet may be evident)

By "Timing of results" we mean “when” the graha will give the results. The planet in baal avastha will give results too early and within some time of starting it's dasha period.

While Planet in mrita avastha graha may give results too late during it's dasa period.
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