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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Avasthas: Jaagritaadi Avasthas

Jaagritaadi Avasthas

This avastha is based on the natural relationship of a planet with other planets and position of a planet in a house. A planet can have a friendly, neutral or inmical relation with other planet. A planet can be in own house or other planet's house. Based on these

1) Jaagrit Avastha (Awake)
2) Swapna Avastha (Dreaming)
3) Sushupta Awastha (Sleeping)

These avasthas can be explained as follows,

1) Jaagrit Awastha: When a planet is in own house or is exalted then a planet is said to be in Jaagrit awastha. As the name suggest, planet is considered awake means that he is fully concious and exhibit satwik properties, planet is capable of giving it's results to it's full capacity.

2) Swapna Avastha: When a planet is in Friend's house or in a neutral house then the planet is said to be in Swapna awastha. As the name suggest planet is considered in dreaming state. In this state planet exhibit rajsic properties and gives result to it's medium (as compared to it's full capacity)

3) Sushupta avastha: When a planet is in enemy's house or is in debilitation then the planet is said to be in sushupta avastha. As the name suggest planet is considered in Sleeping state and exhibit tamsic properties. In this state results of the planet is almost nil.
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