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Friday, September 18, 2009

Avasthas: Deeptaadi Avastha

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Let's continue with the avasthas

3) Deeptaadi Avastha

This avastha is based on the relationships of a planet in a particular chart. i.e temporary relationships and compound relation ships based on the position of planets in the chart. These avasthas indicate the energy or resources a planet have to express itself in the chart.

These are of nine types, as follows:

1) Deepta
2) Swastha
3) Pramudita
4) Shaanta
5) Deena
6) Vikala
7) Dukhita
8) Khal
9) Kop

1) Deepta Avastha: If a planet is in it's exaltation sign then it is said to be in Deepta avastha (Excited state). In Deepta avastha planet is a sort of excited and hyperactive.

2) Swastha Avastha: If a planet is in own Sign or Mooltrikon sign it is said to be in Swastha avastha (Healthy state). In swastha avastha planet is relaxed and dutiful and planet is able to express upto it's maximum.

3) Pramudita Avastha: When a planet is in great friend's sign then it is said to be in pramudita avastha (Happy state). In this state effects of planets are felt considerably although they are lesser as compared to Swastha avastha. In layman's language we can roughly say that it can give 75% of results (Although this grading is not scientific and not recommended for serious astrologers).

4) Shaanta Avastha: When a planet is in friend's sign then planet is said to be in Shaanta avastha (calm state). In Shaanta avastha planet is calm.

Avasthas from 1 to 4 are considered good for a planet's placement in decending order from 1 to 4th

5) Deena Avastha: When a planet is in neutral sign then it is considered in Deena Avastha (Deena means poor or pityful) In Deena avastha a planet is not comfortable, suppose the state of a person who is not getting threat from anybody but still doesnot feel safe either.

Deen Avastha is considered neutral for a planet's placement.

6) Vikala Avastha: when a planet is conjuncted with malefic it is considered to be in Viakala avastha (Afraid or Uncomfortable state). In vikal avastha the significance of planet is shadowed by the malefic it is conjunct with

7) Dukhit Avastha: When a planet is in enemy's sign it is considered in Dukhit avastha (Sad or Sorrowful state).In Dukhit avastha planet is weak and not comfortable in giving it's results.

8) Khal Avastha: when a planet is in great enemy's sign then it is called khal avastha (Harmed or Hurt state). Some astrologers include debilitation also in Khal avastha. In Khal avastha planet is not able to give it's results.

9) Kop Avastha: When a planet is eclipsed by Sun then it is called Kop avastha ("Burnt by anger" state) In Kop avastha effects of a planet are eclipsed by sun.

Avasthas from 6-9 are considered bad for a planet's placement in ascending order.
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