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Wednesday, August 5, 2009



Various remedies have been described in Vedic Texts. These follows

1) Mantras and Worships
2) Donations and Charity
3) Tantra and Sadhnas
4) Yantras, gems, Rudrakhas etc.
5) Behaviour modification (Aachar rasayan)

These are the major types of remedies:

1) Mantras and Worships:

Various Mantras and Worships have been given in various vedic texts for pleasing various planets and Lords. The principle behind Mantras and worships is to pray, pray to the Lord which is responsible for problems or the Lord which is benefic for you. This way we try to please the God and pray to Him to bless us with his Positive energy. Worships and Mantras are the part of basic remedies and besides pleasing Lords they Mantras increase flow of positive energy in our mind and body and fill us with faith and confidence. Increase our concentration and focus.
various Lords and Planets have different Mantras. Going in detail of science behind Mantra is out of context of this topic.

On author provides some important mantras. According to "Mantras are the unique frequencies which are perpetually present in nature,the entire atmosphere is full of sound vibrations." Visit Prophet666 for more

2) Donations and charity:

Principle behind Donations and charities is the same as behind Mantras and worships. This way we try to please Lords. How? Let me explain. Every Planet rule some articles in our life. Like Saturn rules Iron, Blue sapphire etc; Sun Rules copper, ruby etc; Moon rules pearls, Mercury rules utensils, jupiter rules banana etc. Similarly Different planets have different colors under their ruling Like moon rules white, Jupiter rules yellow etc.

In simple words, we can say that every colour or article contains the energy associated with a particular planet. So If we increase use of those articles and colors in our life then effect of those planets will increase in our life and if we donate articles related to a specific planet the effect of that planet will decrease in our life. So we donate the articles related to malefic planets for us and we use articles related to planets which are benefic for us.

It is not necessary that we have to donate costly things always. We have to donate as per our ability only. God do not want your money or article, he want to see how impartial and helping you are. for example if a person earns 100 Rs per day and he donates one rupee out of that, on the other hand a person earns one lakh rupee per day and he donate 10 Rs, then who you think will be respected more?? :)

Even If we are not able to do charities and donations do not fit in our budget, we can help people other ways.

Donations are not about getting names in newspapers, donations are about helping people. If you say a few words of sympathy to a poor person or help a blind person cross the road that too adds to your karma and makes God more happy from you than material donation to a person who doesnot need it.

3) Tantra and Sadhnas:

Tantra is also a type of worship related with remedies. They follow a little different principles and rule. To be honest, I do not know much about these remedies and I am not well verse with them. So I will not discuss these here.

4) Yantras, gems, Rudrakshas:

Again the similar principle intervenes. Yantras are designed, blessed and used to increase the energy flow of a specific planet in our body and mind. This way we try to please a planet to bless us with his positve energy. Tantras are usually effective only if they are prepared by an "Upasak" as the main role is of teh blessings associated with the yantras. However some yantras even when not bless exert their effect very effectively. We can wear Yantras or we can also worship them depending upon the remedy.

Gems are stones which are ruled by specific planets and are associated with that specific planet. When we wear Gemstones they increase flow of energy associated with that planet and strengthen the effect of that planet in our chart. So we wear the gemstones of planets benefic to us and donate the gemstones of planets malefic to us.

Gemstones are one of the widely used remedies all over the world as they are easy to wear and also adds to fashion. But they are also one of the most abused remedies. By abused I mean they they are misused, misprescribed and mis judged. Even after their wide use and high cost they are no better than donations, charities, worships and mantras. They are costly and not affordable for every one. Also they are not available as "Astrological quality". If a wrong gem is worn, or if a bad quality gemstone is worn then they can do more harm than benefits. As most of the times every planet in our chart give us mixed results. Usually no planet is completely benefic or completely malefic so it brings both the benefic and malefic results, hence gemstones related to that planet will also bring mixed results.

So we should use Gemstones only after expert advice and only if we really need them.

However cheaper substitues to costly gemstones are also available which also can give good results if wisely used.

5) Behaviour modification (Aachar rasayan)

This remedy is usually least discussed and least understood and least prescribed. Like we discussed about articles. Planets also rule our behaviour. Every planet gives us a specific effect in our behaviour. Sun gives us anger, moon gives us calmness, Mercury gives us prudence, Saturn gives us grief and proud and many many more aspects of our behaviour.

If we increase a specific aspect in our behaviour we increase the effect of that planet in our life. For example when period of sun starts, then anger in increased in our behaviour by self. So if we try to control our anger and try to remain calm and be polite to people around us and control our temper the nwe can decrease the malefic effect of sun.

Similarly in periods of saturn we have tendency to take wrong decision, we can disrespect elders and our mind is usally stressed and at times we can be proudy or self centred and impatient. So if in that time if we try to be polite, humble, take our decision with proper information and calculation and invest cautiously and so on then we can decrease our losses and malefic effect of saturn to much extent.

Similarly respecting Father, helping mother, helping teachers and scholars, helping poors increase the good effect of Sun, Moon, Jupiter, Saturn respectively in our life.

These are just examples, aachar rasayan has a very wide scope in our life.
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