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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Second House: Significations of second house


BPHS says "Indications of Dhan Bhava. Wealth, grains (food etc.), family, death, enemies, metals, precious stones etc. are to be understood through Dhan Bhava."

The second house is the house of livelihood, the money we earn and the capacity upto which one can earn.

It relates to beauty of our face, our eyes, urge to taste.It also denotes speech, intellect and prudence and our communication skills. It also indicates gains from significations of first house as it is 2nd from First. 2nd house also significates family, It's affliction by malefics and it's lord's strength also indicate our attachment in our family.

It als oindicates our social prestige and fame because of our karma. Recognisation of our labour and karma.

Wealth, family, jewels, precious gems, speech, precious metals, movable property, ornaments, clothes, vision, quality of face, hair, mouth, teeth, tongue, jaw & voice; body language especially facial expression, cheerfulness and attitude, learning, education, fixity of mind, communication, tastes to food and drink, sources of income, maintenance of others, self-confidence, creative imagination.

In relations, It denotes Parental family and self created family. In Body parts, it denotes eyes, face, neck, jaw, tongue.
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