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Thursday, August 6, 2009

Remedies For Sun

Remedies For Sun:

If Sun is Benefic in chart:

1. Wear Ruby in gold or copper on Sunday within first hour of the sunrise, In Right Ring finger, Ruby should touch the skin.

2. Wearing gold chain and ornaments with copper mixed helps.

3. Grow rose plant at home and take good care of it and Use fresh roses.

4. Wear red colour clothes as Red is the colour of Sun.

5. Use copper vessels as Sun Rules copper.

6. Nail four copper nails in the four corners or your bed.

7. Keep your House door in the east, so that first rays of sun enter in your house. Make best use of Sunlight.

8. Business related with sun articles will prove good.

If Sun is malefic in your chart:

1. Recite Sun mantra ("Om hram hreem hroum sah suryaya namah") 6000 times in 40 days

2. Wear Sun yantra after getting its puja done on Sunday.

3. Give water to Sun daily in the morning through copper vessel and also put red chandan, red flower in it, also recite "twelve names of sun" while giving water.

4. For 11 Sundays keep fasts and eat only curd in the afternoon. Do not consume salt in any form while on fast. Eat sweet food before sunset. On last day of fast perform havan and give food to a holy man.

5. Rudraksha: Wear Ekamukhi or 12 mukhi Rudraksha

6. Offer red Lotus flowers to Lord Ganesh for 1 or 21 Sundays.
7. Donations: Cow with her calf, Molasses, gold, copper, wheat etc, Ruby

8. Give these articles on Sunday to a middle aged poor or a holy man.

9. Do Tula dan on Sankaranti day.

10. Touch feet of father, elders and teachers and take their blessings, respect them and help them any way you can.

11. Do not drink wine or eat non-vegetarian food. Keep good character, control your anger.

12. feeding: Give gur to moneys on Sundays. Mix gur in kneaded dough of wheat and give it to the cow or give

chapatti with gur to a cow.

13. Help blinds.

14. Do not accept or buy articles related to Sun on Sunday.

15. Throw copper coin or gur in running water (river) facing the flow of water on Sunday.

16. Give coconut and almonds in temple. If not possible then throw them in running water.

17. Take bath with medicines related to Sun on Sunday.
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