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Friday, August 7, 2009

Remedies for Moon

Remedies for Moon

If Moon is benefic for you then

1. Wear pearl set in silver ring in little or ring finger, paerl should touch the finger on Monday

2. Wear silver ornaments like chain, ring or bangle.

3. Wear white clothes on Monday.

4. While leaving for some important job, eat curd and sugar.

5. On Puranima (full Moon day) make kheer (dish having milk and rice and sugar).

6. Keep idol of your God made in silver or marble at home.

7. If possible keep white cow at home and take caer of her well.

8. Do business of Moon related articles, for example – Business of silver made articles, chemical and liquid oriented products like milk and its products, paper, cotton, sea related business etc.

9. Nail four silver nails in the four corners of the bed or house.

10. Wear four or six faced Rukraksh on Monday.

11. Wear sfattic or pearl necklace.

If Moon is malefic for you

1. chant : ‘Om shran shrin shorn sah chandraya namhe’ 10000 times in 40 days.

2. Wear Moon yantra in the neck or keep it in the puja (worship) place.

3. Keep Monday fast. Do puja of Shivling made of panch dhatu (5 metals). Read Shiv Chalisa.

4. Recite Annapoorna stotram.

5. Do not drink or give milk to anyone at night.

6. If Moon is weak in shadbala strength in Karka or Vrishabh Rasi then perform Bhagwati Gouri puja, if moon is weak in Mesha or vrishcik Rasi then worship Durga, For health chant Mahamritunjaya mantra. In case Ketu is with Moon then do puja of Lord Ganpati. Do path of Durga Saptshati.

7. Give articles related to Moon on Monday. They are: rice, pearl, white cloth, cow, silver goods, oil, milk etc. Preferably to a woman On Monday evening.

8. Worship the ruling deity Gouri, Help un married girls.

9. Do business of white products.

10. Worship Shivling with water.

11. Feeding - Dough and water to cows, Boiled rice mixed with sugar to crows, Rice cooked in milk to Brahmins (Or poor people).

12. Give white clothes to a holy man, or donate them in shiva temple.

13. Rudraksha: Wear 2 mukhi Rudraksha.

14. Put silver Moon on the main entrance.

15. Give milk on Monday in Shiva Temple.
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