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Sunday, August 9, 2009

Remedies for Mercury

Remedies for Mercury

If Mercury is benefic for you

1. Wear Emerald (Panna) ring or locket on Wednesday in little finger. Panna should touch the finger

2. Wear and use green clothes, keep green hankerchief in your pocket.

3. Plant banana tree on Wednesday at home, worship it and take care of it.

4. Plant money-plant or green plants at home, office and in bedroom windows.

5. cook moong dal for 27 Wednesdays.

6. Walk bare foot on green grass.

7. Do business of Mercury related articles. Like: silver, gold, bronze, elephant tooth (It is mentioned in ancient texts. Don't use it now a days, Police may become most malefic for you :)), ready-made garments, oil, fruits, vegetables, poultry etc.

8. Nail four bronze nails in the four corners of the bed or house.

9. Worship Lord Vishnu.

If Mercury is Malefic for you

1. Give articles related to Mercury on Wednesday like Udad dal, Gold,Deep green clothes, green pumpkin, emerald, green pulses and other green vegetables and articles, Bangles and clothes of green color to Eunuchs.

2. chant mantra of Mercury. Mantra is ‘Om bran, brin, bron sah budhaya namah’ 17000 times
in 40 days..

3. Read Vishnu sahstrnam. For problems related with business or children do puja of Lord Krishna and have Gopalsahstrnam puja done.

4. To get ride of losses etc. do path of Ramrakshai. For health have Mahamritunjaya japa done. For studies do puja of Goddess Saraswati.

5. Service or donation to orphans, poor students, orphan homes etc.

6. Give green clothes and/or green dal on Wednesday.

7. Give fruits in charity.

8. Eat Tulsi leaf and a green elaichi on Wednesday and float 1 elaichi in a river.

9. Keep far for 11 Wednesday and 11 ekadasis.

10. Wear a 10 mukhi Rudraksha.

11. Give green food (spinach etc.) to four legged animals for 27 Wednesday.

12. Give dan-dakshina to small girls on Wednesday.

13. Put 7 grains of moong dal, green colored articles and a bronze piece in a green cloth and throw it in running water on Wednesday.

14. Wear Mercury planet related mantra in the neck or keep it at puja place at home.

15. Helping and serving sister, daughter, parents' sisters (Aunts) and so on.

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