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Monday, August 10, 2009

Remedies for Jupiter

Remedies for Jupiter

If Jupiter is benefic for you

1. Wear yellow sapphire (pukhraj) in first finger on Thursday.

2. Wear yellow clothes on Thursday, keep yellow hankey or flowers in your pocket.

3. Prepare gram dal (chana) on Thursday.

4. Do business of Jupiter related articles, like: yellow wheat, turmeric, yellow cloth, Gold, oil, holy books etc.

5. Distribute boondi or ladoo Prasad on Thursday.

6. Apply kesar on the forehead for 27 Thursday.

7. Plant yellow flowers at home or office on Thursday.

8. Eat yellow food/chana dal on Thursday.

9. Tie yellow thread on right arm.

10. Wear gold ornaments like gold chain or gold ring or gold bangle.

11. Keep gold idol of your God at home.

12. Nail six gold nails at the four corners or the bed or house.

If Jupiter is Malefic for you

1. Do Japa of Jupiter mantra Om jhram jhreem jroum sah gurave namah, 16000 times in
40 days.

2. Donate articles related to Jupiter on Thursday. They are : yellow cloth, gold, gram dal, turmeric, yellow flowers, holy books, turmeric, gemstones related to jupiter To Brahmins, teachers, priests On Thursday morning.

3. Give ladoo or boondi Prasad in a temple on Thursday.

4. Do path of Shivsahastranam or do Rudrabhishek daily.

5. For having children have Santan Gopal path done.

6. If girl is not getting married due to malefic Jupiter then look after a banana tree or a peepal tree, water and worship daily.

7. Do not purchase or take Jupiter related articles on Thursday.

8. Feeding - Beggars, crows, birds with banana, yellow coloured sweets. Brahmins (Or poor people) with curd and rice.

9. Do not wear yellow cloth on Thursday, Avoid eating banana and even keeping in home esp. bedroom. Because this strengthens Jupiter.

10. Give gram dal to a horse for 7 Thursdays.

11. Wear or keep at home Jupiter yantra.

12. Keep Thursday fasts and perform Satyanarayana katha. Do not eat salty food on that day.

13. Do not do business of articles related to Jupiter.

14. Wear a 5 mukhi rudraksha.
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