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Monday, August 17, 2009

Karma and Fruits

whatever fruits and results we get in our present life are influenced by three factors

1) Our Past life Karma (Which is reflected in our birth chart)
2) Our Present life Karma (Like what decision do we make and how we live in this life)
3) Karma and bhagay of our close relatives and enemies.

These three factors constantly influence our life altogether. Final fruit will be influenced most by the strongest of three. Like If in one's chart there are not much yogas of wealth but it doesn't mean that he can not save money whatever he does. If he work hard and with honesty and with good karmas He can earn wealth and he will get the fruits of his deeds.

Like wise, we get the results as per three above factors and final result is mostly influenced by strongest of these three factors.

So, I always tell every person to do not depend too much on stars. Take astrology as a guide not as a verdict.
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