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Sunday, August 16, 2009

Karma and Devotion

Here I will like to tell a story of a robber (Daku) which I read once in the Vikram betal series. This is obviously the summary and scaled down version of the story. Although Soul of story is intact.

Once upon a time there was a robber, Manidant, Being a son of head of robbers he was also assigned the leaders of the group. When he was a child he heard in a temple that "Whatever you do, devote it to God". Since then he was following this sentence. Now being a leader of the group of robbers he had became a very fierce person. He killed many, robbed many.

People would tremble when they listen his name. King of the state was trying to capture him since many years but he never succeeded. Whatever army or officers he sent to capture or kill him never came back. He was becoming cruel and fierce day by day.

He had a daughter, who was married to a good person in some other state. Her daughter was a very good lady and religious and never hurt anyone. and was living a happy life in the neighbouring state.

After some time when his wrongdoing reached peak, king decided to kill or capture robber at anycost. King himself set on the way to had a fight with the Manidant and kill him. They had a great fight in the forest near the hideout of robber's group.

Ultimately all of his group members were either killed or arrested, but the Manidant managed to flee. He fled away and ran

toward the jungle. Ultimately he reached in deep jungle. He was thirsty, hungry and tired. walking slowly he reached a small ashram. Where a Sadhu lived. When Manidant approached Sadhu was in deep state of samadhi and was sitting under the tree lost in the deep trans state of meditation. Manidant approached the sadhu and asked for water. Sadhu didn't responded.

Manidant asked again and again but there was no response from sadhu who was drowned in his own state. Manidant got angry and hit the sadhu, sadhu's transstate broke and he woke up. Sadhu got angry. He told manidant "Don't you know I was in samadhu. Why you disturbed me?" Manidant said, "I am Manidant, the great robber. I am thirsty, go and bring some water for me"

Sadhu got angry and said "You distrubed me just for some water!. I curse you, 'Turn to stone now'"

But to much amazement of sadhu, nothing happened to Manidant. Sadhu repeated his words again, again nothing happened. even third time it was of no use. Instead Manidant was standing there laughing.

Sadhu's anger settled down. He said "My curse has never gone waste. This is the first time this has happened. You must be a God in shape of a human or atleast you have much stronger supernatural powers than me. So you are respectable to me. I am sorry for my behaviour. You sit I will bring some food and water for you.

Sadhu went and brought water and food for Manidant. Manidant ate to his heart and relaxed. Manidant thanked and moved ahead. After that manidant continue to hid in jungle and keep moving here and there to escape from the king's men.

There in the capital, arrested robber members of Manidant's group were tortured and asked about manidant's possible hideout. During interrogation King came to know about Mandant's daughter and his husband. and he came to know that Manidant loves his daughter very much and will do anything for her.

King sent his men and arrested her daughter and her husband and brought them to capital. He announced that Manidant should surrender himself in seven days in front of king, other wise King would kill Manidant's daughter and Son in law and will

hang their heads on the door of the fort's gate. King sent his men to every corner of the state to announce this announcement. So that manidant can hear this.

Manidant recieved this news on 7th day of the dead line. He started running toward capital, without stoppig, without drinking or eating. He continued running for whole day and night.

When he reached the capital, and looked towards the fort door, he saw his daughter's and son-in-law's heads hanging and blood dripping from the cut end. He cried loud and loud. He started cursing and abusing King. He said "What a butcher and cruel this king is. He killed two innocent people who had nothing to do with any of my crime."

Just after Manidant said this sentence, He turned into a stone at once.

See, All i wanted to say was that the whole system is based on
karma-fruit theory. A balance is essentially maintained between these
two. Whatever karma you do, knowingly or unknowingly, you will have to
reap the fruit. So at the end, to attain moksha, your debit and credit
of karma-fruit account must be equal.

So, in geeta, god says that if you are doing a karma and devoting it
to me, that karma will not be added to your account. That karma will
be transfered to god's account. So if that karma will not will be
added to your account, then you will not have to bear the fruit of
that karma, then you will not have to come to this earth again to get
the fruits, and then you will attain the moksha.

God clearly states in geeta that this rule applies to every person.
Whether a sanyasi or grihasth (married person with a family) or any
other person.

God says that, for doing this, 1) you should do the work which has
been assigned to you with full devotion and honesty
2) you should not expect or keep a want of any fruit either good or
bad in return of that work done
3) whatever fruit you get in return of the work done by you, you
should accept that fruit with a neutral state. Means that you should
not get happy if you get good or more than expected fruit in return of
your work. And also should not get sad if opposite happens.

If you follow these things, all the karmas done by you will be
accredited to god's account instead of your's and you will be freed
from karma-fruit cycle. And hence this way even a grihasth can achieve

Till the robber was following the above rules he was untouched by any
of the material fruits. So he didn't turned to stone when sadhu cursed
him. But as sadhu's words cant go empty, they were sticking to
manidant's fate, but he was saved because he was out from karma-fruit
cycle. But as soon as he reentered this cycle again, the words of
sadhu worked.

I hope you got me. Let me know if any doubt or mistake

kind regards,

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