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Monday, July 27, 2009

Free Astro readings: Asking Questions and getting answers for Astrological problems

*Please do not post your data on this blog comments area. It is also advisable to avoid posting comments containing other personal information. To save your identity all the comments containing Birth Details or any other sensitive information will be deleted without prior notice and the question will not be entertained. Please follow following guidelines for asking the questions.

How to ask a question?

We at Astrotree answer one question related to your astrological problems free of cost. For asking the question post following details to our forum

1) Name (Not necessary your real name, use a name you would like us to address you)
2) Date of Birth
3) Time of Birth
4) Place of Birth including city, state, country (Preferably along with longitude and lattitude if available)
5) Question you want to ask and problem in brief you are facing.
6) Source of Birth time and probability of error in birth time

If you want to ask questions regarding Progeny or Marriage related problems, then you have to include Birth details of both husband and wife.

Forum is the best and efficient way to discuss your chart. If you donot want to ask anything is public use PM service in the forum.

Feel free to complain, suggest or ask if you see any problem

Kind Regards
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