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Saturday, August 1, 2009

First House: Effects of different planets


Sun in First House

Person is short tempered and lazy (late riser). Will be having less hair. will have a high selfconfidence. Will be cruel if aspected by Mars/Rahu. Have good moral nature. Person have pittaj constitution and is popular and a good leader/manager.

Moon in First House

Moon in First house makes one soft hearted and art loving. Is romantic and loves travelling. Strong moon in 1st house indicates good health and lifespan while weak moon indicates poor health and lifespan.

Mars in First house

Mars in First house makes person brave, courageous and anger-prone/short tempered. Person is brave and a good leader. Person is very logical and have technical sort of mind. He rules hearts of his followers and protects his followers at any cost. Person may have ulcers or wounds on body. If Mars is malefic and strong person may have to face pittaj problems from time to time.

Mercury in First House

Mercury in First House makes person intelligent and prudent. He is clever but good hearted. Person is good looking and have a good sense of humour. He is good in accounts. He is good speaker and very quick witted.

Jupiter in the First House

Jupiter in the first house makes the person scholar, good looking, fatty, optimistic. jupiter in the First House blesses one with good appearance, impressive personality, ability to learn. person is prudent and wise. Will be intelligent and will do good in studies.

Venus in First house

Venus in first house makes one good looking, having soft appearance, having good sense of humour, tends to take every problem lightly but is concerned deeply, benefic venus gives good life, Person is attractive to and attaracted by the opposite sex. Loves art and is passionate.

Saturn in first House

Person is proudy and selfcentred if saturn is afflicted but is caring to other is saturn is well disposed. Person is lazy and late riser and tend to do things slowly. Person is very sticky to his decisions. May not have good looks if not associated with/aspected by benefic planets. health problems usually occur

Rahu in First house

Rahu in first house makes person devoid of happiness and wealth. Tend to take wrong decision and have problems in marriage. Person usually have cloudy intellect, although are intelligent but they usually tend to derive negative meanings from evey thing. they are sceptical and critical. So they may be interpretted as eccentric usually. Although Rahu in Gemini and Taurus have much less of these effects. If Rahu is also forming a KSY then the problems may be more pronounced and person usually have a stressful mind

Ketu in First House

Person is intelligent and quarrelsome, will have less resources, will be fight loving and always be unsatisfied. They usually do not know what they exactly want in life. This sometimes may be interpreted as that they have changing tastes but usually it is not so, they are just not satisfied by their present and want to do and achieve more. If Ketu is well disposed they may be spiritual enlightened and not interested in material world and infact not satisfied by material world.
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