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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

The Concept of Astrological Remedies

The concept of Astrological Remedies

In everyone's chart, planets are divided in two parts depending upon their effect on a person, i.e. Malefic and benefic (Krur grah and soumya grah respectively). Malefic planets are planets which are harmful to a person's specific aspect of life and benefic planets are beneficial planets. Not going deep in this post regarding determining and analysing malefic and benefic planets. I will concentrate on remedies for planets i.e. ways to pacify or strengthen a particular planets by different means.

A remedy is a process or method through which we try to strengthen our benefic planets and pacify our malefic planets. There are many ways to do do this, generally they include Mantra, Tantra, Yantra, Donations, Gems, Worships, Fasts etc.

The Principle behind Astrological Remedies:

The principle behind an astrological remedy is to increase and strengthen our positive Karma in this life so that the effect of our previous life karma can be decreased to atleast some extent if not fully. Remedies help us improve the flow of positive energy in our mind and body and to decease the flow of negative energy in same.

Factors affecting Results of Astrological remedies:

1) The correct method: If a remedy is not performed using correct and prescribed method then the result may not be as wanted or expected.

2) The faith of the performer: If the person do not have faith in the remedy then the person may not get the desired result. On the other hand if the person have strong and unshakable faith in remedies and God then the person may get more than normal results. Faith is the force which is driving the world even in this "Kalyuga". By what else mean you can explain the "placebo effect" :) ?

3) The Strength of the Karma: If your past life karma are too strong then you will have to bear the fruit no matter how many remedies you perform. We can divide previous life karma in three parts depending upon their degree of severeness. Say mild, moderate and severe (This division is not an official division, this is just an informal division to help common people understand). Fruits of mild karma can be deferred by remedies easily, While severe Karma can not be defered at all although we can gain strength to face the result with bravery and wisdom. Fruits of
moderate karma can be deferred partially.

These are the main three factors which affect the overall results of remedies.
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