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Friday, August 21, 2009

Balarishta: In Kalyana Varma's Saravali

Ch. 10. Evils at Birth

1. In the absence of knowledge of longevity, attempts to know other information are futile. So I explain below Arishtas (evils) in order to determine longevity.

2. Male planets are strong in odd Rāśis, bright lunar half and day-time. Female planets are strong in even Rāśis, dark lunar half and night-time.

3. There are three kinds of evils, explained by astrological expounders. These are preordained, accidental and Yogaja (arising of planetary combinations). The third kind is dealt with below, while others are explained later on.

4. Should Jupiter be in 8th and in a House of Mars and aspected by Sun, Moon, Mars and Saturn, the child dies in 3 years.

5. If Saturn is retrograde in a House of Mars, while Moon is in 6th, 8th, or an Angle and aspect Mars, the child born lives for two years.

6-7. If Saturn joins Sun and Moon at birth, the life-span is only nine years, according to Brahmasaunda. Should Mars, Sun and Saturn be in Taurus identical with 8th, the native lives for one month even though Lord Yama may try to save him.

8-9. Even, if there be a single malefic in 8th House, owned by Venus and aspected by other malefics, the native lives for one year only in spite of the fact, that he may drink nectar. If Venus is in 12th, 6th, or 8th, owned by Sun, or Moon and is aspected by all benefics, the life-span is six years.

10-11. If Mercury occupies Cancer identical with 6th, or 8th from Ascendant and is aspected by the Moon, life is only up to 4. The efficacious Raja Yogas expounded by Yavanas may produce persons of high descent. Even such children are subject to premature end in this case.

12-13. If the birth star is identical with the one, in which Ketu rises, the native lives only for two months. Should the Sun be in 10th House identical with that of Mars, or Saturn and aspected by strong malefic, the native faces immediate death.

14-15. Should the Ascendant fall in Nigala, Sarpa, Pakshi, or Pasa decanate and be occupied by malefic planets, without the aspect of the decanate Lord concerned, the native lives up to 7 years only. If Rahu is in an Angle and aspected by malefics, the longevity is only 10, while, according to some, it is 16.

16-17. If malefics are Angles and Trines, while benefics are relegated to 6th, 8th and 12th, one born at the time of sunrise dies at once. If the three planets, viz. the Lords of Navāńśa Lagna, Moon Sign and natal Ascendant, are combust, the person lives just for a few years.

18. If the 6th is occupied by the Ascendant Lord, death occurs in the year corresponding to Rāśi concerned. If the occupant is the Lord of rising decanate, death occurs in the month corresponding to Rāśi concerned and, if it is Lord of Navāńśa Lagna, the Rāśi concerned causes death in so many days.

19. If Saturn is in the Ascendant in aspect to malefics, longevity is only 16 days. If Saturn in the Ascendant is in the company of malefics, death occurs in a month and, if he is alone in the Ascendant without malefic connections, the child lives for one year.

20-22. If weak Moon is in the Ascendant excepting Cancer, Taurus and Aries and is aspected by malefics, the child passes away (soon). The Moon in 6th, or 8th, if aspected by malefics, causes death in one year, while, when aspected by benefics, she kills in the 8th year. Should the aspect be from both benefics and malefics, the life-span is only 4. This should be decided according to the strength of such bodies.

23-24. Should benefics be in 6th, or 8th and be aspected, or conjoined with retrograde malefic, without the aspect of benefic, the child lives only for one month. If malefics are in 12th, 2nd, 6th and 8th, without connection of benefics, the child dies in 6, or 8 months.

25-26. If the Lords of Lagna and the Moon Sign are together in 6th, 8th, or 12th and be combust, the child dies in the year corresponding to the Rāśi. Should the Lord of the Ascendant be in 7th, defeated by a malefic and be without a benefic's aspect, death occurs in a month. Similar clues should be drawn from Moon and her dispositor.

27-28. If Moon is conjoined with Mars and Sun and be in 2nd, or 5th unaspected by benefics, the child doubtlessly dies in the 9th year. Sages declare, that, if the Ascendant Lord is in 8th in aspect to all the malefics, who are with strength, the child dies in the fourth month.

29-30. If the Lord of Moon Sign, the Sun and his son are in 8th, the child dies in the year corresponding to the Rāśi concerned. Should the Moon be with malefics, be in 12th, 8th, 6th, or Ascendant and be not aspected by benefics, while benefics are non-angular, the child dies at once.

31-32. If malefics are in the oriental half of the Zodiac (from 10th to 4th Bhava Madhya) with benefics relegated to the occidental half, birth in Scorpio Ascendant causes what is Vajra Mushti Yoga. One born in such a Yoga does hardly live. According to Yavanas, if weak Moon is in Lagna, while malefics are angular, or in 8th, (instant) death is caused.

33-34. One born in twilight does not live long, if the Ascendant falls in lunar Hora, while malefics are posited in the end of the Rāśis, which are angular, along with the Moon. Should the Moon be amidst two malefics and be in 7th, 4th, or 8th, even Gods cannot save one from (instant) death.

35-36. If the Moon is hemmed between two malefics, be in the Ascendant, 7th, or 8th and be in aspect to weak benefics, (infant) death follows. Should malefics be in 7th and 8th and be aspected by malefics, the child dies along with its mother. If there be aspect from benefics in such a case, the mother becomes sick (there will not be immediate death).

37-38. If the Moon be eclipsed and be in the Ascendant along with malefics, while Mars is in 8th, the child quits the world along with its mother. The mother dies of weapons along with the child, if it be a solar eclipse with Sun and malefics in the Ascendant, while Mars is in 8th. Should weak Moon be in the Ascendant and malefics be angular, or in 8th, without benefic's aspect, death is imminent. This view is of Satyācārya.

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