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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Balarishta: In Horāsāra of Prithuyasas

The child born, when there is Lagn Sandhi is either born, dead, or short lived (if born). Should such Lagn receive a Drishti from malefics, the said results are sure to follow. Birth in Gandanta Nakshatr is destructive of the whole family. Should such a child, however, live, then it becomes a king with an army of elephants and horses.

Luminaries in Sahaj Bhava owned by a malefic and yuti with malefics, make the child sick and live up to 3 years only.

If Candr joins Randhr’s lord in a Kendr, while Randhr Bhava is occupied by a Grah, the child leaves this world soon after its birth.

Should the 7th from Candr be occupied by Mangal and Sūrya, while Rahu is in Lagn, death of the child may be expected within ten days of birth.

Malefics in Bandhu, Randhr, Dhan and Vyaya Bhava will cause sickness and death in l0 days. Should a malefic be in Yuvati Bhava from rising Dreshkan (22nd Dreshkan), while the waning Candr is in Lagn the child faces immediate death.

When all the Grahas are weak and positioned in Sahaj, Ari, Dharm and Vyaya Bhava, the child lives either for 2 months, or 6 months. While Lagn’s lord is in his debilitation Rāśi, or in Randhr Bhava, or is combust, the child’s living becomes precarious and it is equal to a dead one.

A child born under malefic Muhurtas, or, when a Ketu is rising followed by fall of meteors, thunders etc., it hardly lives.

The persons, who are born with severe Yogal indicating adverse results, as explained by Yavanas and others will only bring harm to the family.

A person born under an eclipse, or, when there is Parivesh, or, when a malefic occupies Lagn, or gives a Drishti to Lagn, lives only for three fortnights, or for three months.

Should Lagn’s lord, the lord of Candr Rāśi and the Navamsh lord of Candr Rāśi are all eclipsed, the longevity is only for a few days.

The four kinds of junctions, or conjunction of Candr with malefics will cause death (infant1) and similar results follow, if Candr is in aspect to mllefics without benefic’s aspect, or company.

Should Candr be in the company of malefics only, or, if she is in the 1st, 5th, 7th, 8th, 9th, or the 12th Bhava and be with malefics without benefic’s aspect, or association death of the native will occur.

Should the Lagn Lord and Candr’s dispositor be in the 6th, 8th, or the 12th, or be combust, the death of the native may be foretold in the year denoted by the Rāśi occupied by the said Grahas.

Should Candr be in the 6th, or the 8th, while the Lagn is occupied by its lord, or, when the decreasing Candris subject to mixed influences of malefics and benefics, the native, if born in day time has short life.

If the lord of Lagn is in Marana Pada along with the decreasing Candrin the company of Rahu, or aspected by Rahu, the native dies in his seventh year.

If Candr is weak and aspected by Rahu associated with malefics, or, if the Lagn Lord (or Candr Rāśi lord) has set in (i.e. the 7th from Lagn), or occupies the 8th, the child lives upto its 6th, or 8th year Notes: The Lagn Lord in the 7th (a Marakasthana), or in the 8th is adverse for longevity unless well aspected. But Phala Deepika says, that the Bhava occupied by the Lord of Lagng stands to gain. However, the position of Lagna Lord in the 8th shakes the foundation of the horoscope.

The Lagn lord with Rahu in the 7th brings death in 21 years, or 21 months, or (even) in 21 days.

Add the Rāśi sphutas of Sūrya and Candr. If the particular Rāśi, or its angle, or the 9th Bhava thereof be occupied by a malefic, death comes to pass due to poison, or water (i.e. drowning, rains, foods etc.).

If a malefic planet is in the 8th Bhava, while Lagn lord is in angle in the company of a malefic, without benefic’s aspect, death in the 7th year may be predicted.

From Mesh onwards, the fateful degrees are: 8, 9, 22, 22, 25, 14, 4, 23, 18, 20, 21 and 10. Births in these degrees invite death soon. The same for Candr from Mesh onwards are: 26, 12, 13, 25, 24, 4, 26, 14, 13, 25, 5 and 12 degrees. Notes: Phala Deepika, Ch. 13, Slokas 10 and 11 quote the above degrees fateful for Lagn and Moon. But it does not state, that birth will accordingly inflict death. Jataka Tatwa, (B-108) states, that the following degrees are, respectively, fateful for Candr: 8, 9, 23, 22, 5, 1, 4, 23, 18, 20, 21 and 10 from Mesh onwards and death will be caused in the year denoted by such degree. Saravali (Ch. 10, Slokas 111 to 113) give the following fateful degrees for Candr, respectively, from Mesh onwards: 8, 9, 22, 22, 25, 1, 4, 23, 18, 20, 21 and 10.

Should Candr be in her fateful degrees, mentioned above and be in the company of a malefic, without relief from benefics, or be in the 8th Bhava, or in angle (in such a fateful degree), the child not only dies itself, but takes away its mother too.

Should the Lagn Lord be strong and occupy an angle, or trine, even the ArishtaYogas. indicating infant death can be overcome.

A benefic Grah with strength in angle, not joining the 8th Lord, leads to nullificaion of Arishta Yoga (causing death) in a nativity, or prevailing at the time of a query.

If a strong Grah is in Lagn, the 4th, or the 10th and be not in the company of Sūrya, the malefic Yogas (for short life) will vanish.

Many evil Yogas make the sustaining of the child difficult. But, if Candr, or Lagn receives the aspect of all the Grahas, these Yogas disappear, as darkness does before Sūrya.

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