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Sunday, August 23, 2009

Balarishta: In Brihat Jataka

Chapter 6

Balarishta (early death)

Stanza 1:

Children born during sandhi or when birth is in Chandra hora, when evil planets occupy the ends of signs or when four malefics (including Moon) occupy quadrants, will die

Stanza 2:

If cruel and benefic planets occupy the first and the second halves of the zodiac respectively and the birth rises in an insect rasi or if the birth and the 7th ar placed between malefics, the child dies straightaway

Stanza 3:

If malefics occupy birth and 7th and if Moon joins cruel planets, unaspected by benefics, the child dies quickly

Stanza 4:

If a weak Moon occupies the 12th with malefics in the birth and the 8th without benefics in quadrants, the child dies soon

Stanza 5:

If Moon joins a malefic and occupies the 7th, 8th or 12th and when benefics aren’t in quadrants and don’t aspect these, the child dies

Stanza 6:

If Moon occupies 6th or 8th aspected by malefics, early death comes. If such Moon has beneficial aspects, the child dies before 8. If such Moon ahs mixed aspets, the child lives for 4 years. If a benefic occupies the 6th or 8th aspected by powerful malefics, the child lives for a month. If the lord of the birth joins the 7th and suffers defeat there by malefics, similar results must be predicted

Stanza 7:

If a weak Moon joins the lagna with malefics in the 8th or quadrants, or if Moon is betwixt malefics occupying the 4th, 7th or 8th, the child dies. If Moon is in lagna as above stated, malefics in the 7th and 8th without the aspect of powerful benefics, the mother and child both die

Stanza 8:

If Moon occupies the last navamsa of the sign and malefics are in the 5th and 9th without beneficial aspects, or if lagna joins Moon with malefics in the 7th, the child dies immediately

Stanza 9:

If Moon joins a malefic in lagna, eclipsed with Mars in the 8th, both mother and child die. Similarly, if Sun is in lagna, death results from weapons. If Moon or Sun occupy the lagna with powerful malefics in trines and the 8th, unassociated with benefics, the child dies

Stanza 10:

If Saturn, Sun, Moon and Mars occupy the 12th, 9th, lagna and 8th respectively, unaspected by a powerful Jupiter, the child dies quickly

Stanza 11:

If Moon is with malefics and occupies a trine, 7th, 8th or 12th and not aspected by or combined with a powerful Venus, Mercury or Jupiter, death comes early

Stanza 12:

If Moon in transit joins the house of the most powerful malefic in the above yogas or joins his own place, or the lagna, when he’s strong and has strong malefic aspects, he causes death to the child within one year

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