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Monday, August 24, 2009

Balarishta: Example Chart

Here is a Kundali of a Boy Child. He died at the age of 3 months at the operation table. He had a congenital deformity in his heart.

TOB: 9:30
DOB: 7/feb/1990
POB: Patiala, Punjab

The baby was born in chandra hora, moon is in quadrant (4H)and 10 H is occupied by 2L,7L,8L,12L (Lords of dusthana and marak houses) Mars and venus both are dispositor of start and end of gullika cusp respectively.

Jupiter is in 4H retrograde and in house of bitter enemy, decreasing it's benefic effects to much extent. Mars is

lord of 9H but it is lord of 2H also and is dispositor of gullika and hence decreased effects of Mars, also Mars is deblitated in D9.

Sun is in 11H, just 2 degrees from Rahu. On the whole, all 7 planets are afflicted in one or other way

Respected BV Raman states in his book the marak planets for Pisces lagna as Mercury, Saturn and Venus. These four planets present in 10H suffice the conditions for Primay, seconday and tertiary marak planets as per respected BV Raman.

Interestingly, similar pattern is repeated by moon lagna. baby died soon after Saturn Sub dasha started under Guru Mahadasha.

For more details, please refer to Brihat jatak chapter 5, and "How to judge horoscope Vol 1" by B V Raman chapter 3

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