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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Vahan Sukh (Owning a vehicle)

Following conditions in chart give Vahan-sukh (vehicle) to a person:

1) Fourth house is considered house of vehicle, In Mahadasha-Antardasha a person can buy a vehicle

2) If fourth house is strong, it is helpful in buying a car

3) If Lagan/Lagnesh have a relation with 4th house/lord of fourth house a person can buy a car in dasha-antardasha of lagnesh.

4) If 4th lord is exalted, then a person will get many vehicles in his mahadasha

5) If 4th lord is strong, then the planets present in the nakshatar owned by 4th lord give vehicle in their dasha-antardasha

6) If 4th lord is present in 2nd house, and Lagnesh have a relation/aspect/conjunction with 4th/2nd house, then person will get a vehicle with family support

7) If 4th house/4th lord have a relation with 7th house or lord, 8th house or lord, then person will get a vehicle with help of his in-laws

8) If 9th house have a relation with 4th house or lord, person will get a vehicle by luck (contest winning or lottery)

10) If 2nd lord is present in 4th house, or 2nd lord and 4th lord are in conjunction, then person will have a vehicle in dasha-antardasha of 2nd lord

11) If lagnesh and 4th lord have 'Nakshatra-parivartan yog' then the person will get a vehicle by his own earned money in dasha-antar dasha of 2nd/4th lords

Example chart:

See in the example chart 4th Lord Jupiter is in 2nd House and 2nd Lord Venus is in Ascendent. This person is a young well settles professional. He never bought a vehicle himself and was always gifted vehicles (First bike, then a small car then a sedan) by his father. Everytime he decided to own a new vehicle by self his father offered and insisted to help him. Chart of the native is enclosed. (Birth details are not published to protect privacy of the native)
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