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Monday, June 15, 2009

Free DVD - 'Astrology Lessons by PVR Narasimha Rao"

Dear Friends,

For people who are willing to learn astrology we distribute free DVD containing Audio Astrology Lessons given by Respected PVR Narasimha Rao. These DVDs are distributed free of Cost across India.

About the Author:

This DVD contain respected PVR Narasimha Rao Ji's Audio (mp3) lessons recorded from the classes where he teach in SPJC Boston.

He is a Software engineer currently living in U.S. He did from IIT madras.

Besides this he learnt Astrology from his Father who is a very brilliant Astrologer and His guru Respected Sanjay Rath Ji. He had a part of Vedas in him since birth. By an age of 11, he had passed two examinations (conducted by reputed boards) both equivalent to Bachelor's degree in Sanskrit literature (one of them with a "distinction") and, at an age of 13, he passed an examination equivalent to Bachelor's degree in Hindi literature. He started learning Astrology from his father since childhood and continued in youth by learning from Respected Sanjay Ji. You can know more about him on his website

Besides this he had designed "Jhora" one of the Best Astrology Software in current time which is distributed free of cost. You can download this from his website

He Gives free lessons in SPJC Boston. These lessons are recorded and uploaded on internet for use of persons who are interested in learning astrology. You can download these lessons at 1-77) and lessons 78-170 can be downloaded from
About the DVD

We have collection of all lessons that has been recorded till now. We distribute those lessons free of cost across India.

DVD (ver 2.04) contains:

  • Audio Astrology Lessons in mp3 format 1-194
  • Astrology Software "J Hora 7.4 and 7.5"
  • Astrology Articles and research topics
  • Vedic Astrology: An integrated Approach
  • Vedic Wisdom - Questions Answered by PVR Narasimha Rao
  • Homam Manuals, Videos and Audios - Do it yourself Homam Manuals
  • Pitri tarpana Manuals - Do it yourself Pitri Tarpana Manuals

Cost, Charges and Distribution

This DVD is distributed free of cost and No money is charged for DVD or other charges (packing, Distributing, courier etc)

DVD is sent by courier or Indian Post. DVD is dispatched in batches. Whenever we gather enough requests we send the DVDs. This service is available within India Only.

How to Order DVD

For ordering the DVD Just email us following details (with the subject line "Request for Astrology Lessons DVD")

Earlier, we were sending DVD on email Requests. But we were not able to handle all the requests. So, We have tied up with for accepting orders and delivery of DVDS. You just have to register on and go to Recreation > Astrology and you will see the product. Free DVD - 'Astrology Lessons by PVR Narasimha Rao" . Order the product and fill the details. and You will not be charged anything and you dont need any credit card or Debit card.

All DVDs will be sent via Professional courier.

For any queries please contact or
at our email address

For more info email us at


Q) This post is very old. Are you still sending DVDs?
A) Yes we are still sending. And we will keep sending till our last breath ;)

Q) When can I expect the DVD to reach?
A) We apologise for the delay to some members. For some members delay between request and delivery is 6 weeks and for some it is days. It is because of lack of resources esp time. As I live in a village it is not feasible to go to city to send courier for every single request. I send DVDs in batches. when I gather enough requests we send DVDs. Sometimes I gather enough requests in 4-5 days and some times in one month.

Q) Courier service is not available in our area. Can you send DVD by Indian post?
A) We had very bad experience with Indian Post. Although if Registered Post or Speed post is available then it is ok. Although we prefer Professional Courier (or DTDC) so you can give address of your friend where Courier service is available.
Q) DVD I got did not work. What should I do?
A) Please email us back or Call us on the Numbers given along with the DVD. Tell us the problem you are facing and we will send you new DVD after rectifying with the problem. BTW we write DVDs which are suitable for Computers only. Although few advanced DVD players can play our DVD but chinese DVD players and some old models do not play our DVD. Recommended configuration for DVD is Windows Xp or better, Dual core processor or better, DVD -ROM 8x or better. If you still face problem in DVD feel free to write back we will send you new DVD. If your PC do not have above min supported configuration please write to us your PC's configuration we will write a DVD as per your DVD configuration. We can also send CDs or Bluray Discs if your PC do not support DVDs.

Q) I want a custom made DVD which can be played in my PC or DVD player. Can you send? Can you send the files in a memory card or a USB Drive?
A) Yes we can send you custom DVDs as per your requirement. Please Email us the configuration of DVD player and/or PC in detail. We try to come closer as much as possible.

Yes, we can send files in Memory card/USB drive. But you need to send the USB drive or Memory card (Atleast 4GB memory capacity). I will write in your USB drive/memory card and will send you back. As I am not allowed to accept any money for my work I can not afford to send files in USB pendrives. Also I can not send you pendrive/memory card and charge any money for pendrive/Memory card so you will need to send the hardware at your own cost. I will write and send the hardware back to you at my own cost.

Q) I want to donate to your group? Do you accept Money or Empty DVDs or any other help?
A) No, we are not allowed to accept any money or any other help. We will keep sending as long as Krishna is helping us and He allow us to do this. All the money spent in this work is given to us by Krishna by one way or other. We hardly spend any money from our pocket. If you want to donate give it to Krishna (by donating for charity or helping a needy person whereever you feel is needed) and if He wish He will send it to us when we need :)

Although if you want to help we need help in managing the forum. We need moderators who can help us keep our forum clean and tidy by controlling and tidying the spam and other things. Only basic internet knowledge is needed. You will be given moderating rights where you can edit and delete posts posted by users. Not much time will be needed you can devote 15 to 30 minutes per day and it will suffice. Email us at if you can help. There is no boundation. Help as per your leisure and whenever you come online.

Q) You say you are non-profitable group but you display ads on your forum and sites. Shouldn't you be ad-free to be truly non-profitable?
A) We donot believe in accepting donations for charity. We believe that a stronger charity organisation is one which can generate it's own revenues (Obviously by honest methods). Whatever little money we get from ads is spent on managing the websites and paying for the expenses and sending the DVDs etc. Rest of the money which we need after spending the revenues from ads is given by Krishna by one mean or other.
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